Roza Kuleshova is a speculator or the psychic?

Roza Kuleshova is a speculator or the psychic?

The semiliterate young woman who accidentally found in herself an unusual gift suddenly found popularity, and it was pleasant – to be it special and well-known. But not just like that recognition came to it – she studied, persistently was engaged, and about two years that its abilities began to be shown brightly were required.

"How blind people are able to read? I wanted to test it"

Roza Kuleshova could not get a full education – she had epilepsy. But ended courses and worked with children, blind people from the birth. Then she also became interested – as they manage to read the text with the letters which are pricked out on paper? Decided to try itself and in two weeks mastered the alphabet for the first graders having a blindness. And then she wanted to check whether she will manage to read the usual printing text? She managed. Not at once, but she managed, without looking at images or books, to precisely define words or drawings and also to call colors.

Having shown the abilities to the attending physician, Roza Kuleshova became a sensation. After this experience there was first article about it and series of other experiments, experiments and performances began.

Roza Kuleshova's effect

In the country of Councils it really had deafening effect. Its success was tried to be repeated, many found in themselves similar abilities and declared it. Roza showed what can "read" skin, any open part of the body – a hand, an elbow, a foot, through an impenetrable partition or a dense envelope. She distinguished colors, without seeing them, called the thought symbols, determined value of the inscription made without contact by the thermal trace which remained on paper from a finger. Later she learned to diagnose diseases of internals.

"All of you, scientists, do not trust me …"

Roza Kuleshova many times showed the abilities, did it with pleasure and obviously wanted to make an impression. But very much was upset when she was not trusted. Experimenters quite often arrived at an idea that the woman just deceives them. They even exposed it, having entered in the protocol:

"The experiments made with precautions against peeping and interception yield negative result. If it is held demonstrations during breaks and conditions of strict control are not met, everything turns out".

The doctor of psychological sciences, the famous Soviet psychologist A.V, Petrovsky did not call Kuleshova's ability into question. He was convinced that it can a lot of things. But during the researches "affords different focuses" on which her scientists catch. Because of it the trust to its abilities was lost, existence of its special gift was disproved. The rose very much endured such charges and was ready to show everyone that she is able to do something special.

On public she became brisk, coquettish, fervent, received an applause and delight of the audience. Behaved as the star accepting deserved success and worship of the audience. And to scientists went surely, joyfully. But every time, facing malevolence and doubts, reacted violently and emotionally, it was ready to go anywhere and to prove to anyone that she is a talented psychic.

The period of glory was short

The experiments which put the end to researches of abilities of Roza Kuleshova said that it has no abilities. Perhaps, Petrovsky it was right, speaking about "focuses" with peeping. Perhaps, the skeptical and mistrustful relation of the audience affected quality of demonstration. Results of experiments and remain contradictory – some scientists confirm existence of unusual abilities, others – are not present. But we never any more learn it as because of the begun brain tumor Roza Kuleshova died, without having lived also 40 years and having left the riddle unsolved.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team