Rubber doll for men – what is it, features of different types, models of new generation

Rubber doll for men – what is it, features of different types, models of new generation

The concept of the ordinary rubber woman became outdated long ago. Modern dolls for sex are made of different materials and differ in many parameters. The rubber doll for men is regularly improved and already now it is difficult to distinguish some models from the true lady.

What is a sex doll?

This product represents the simulator of a human body to the utmost. Realistic sex dolls have oral, vaginal and anal openings. The first inflatable products very bore a faint resemblance to the real human body, however the modern models made of cyberskin look is realistic. Now a furor was created by emergence of dolls whose forms are made on molds of stars. The qualitative doll instead of the woman allows to get bright feelings during sex.

Types of sex dolls

The modern market of sex goods is filled with different options of products, each of which has the merits and demerits. Some users assure that having correctly picked up a doll, it is possible to get the feelings comparable with usual sex. Distinguish two main from all possible differences: material of production and functionality. On the first indicator of a doll for sex are divided on:

  • inflatable;
  • silicone;
  • plastic;
  • textile;
  • made of cyber-skin.

Rubber dolls for men are divided by functionality as follows:

  1. By quantity of openings. The full-fledged toy is allocated with an opportunity to be engaged in three types of sex. In addition there are models with one opening.
  2. On existence of extras for sexual joys. Here the vibrating massagers which are built in openings, pears the creating sucking effects, dildos belong.
  3. Whenever possible extraction and replacements of masturbator. Help to feel pleasures of different level.

Inflatable sex dolls

The simplest option of intimate toys. "The inflatable woman" is made of rubber, vinyl and latex. Her appearance bears a faint resemblance to the person and at the same time it is allocated a minimum of opportunities. Often inflatable dolls are executed in the form of a matrasik with the drawn person, however it does not prevent them to remain popular long time. The lack of realness is compensated by low price in the presence of all necessary openings for different sex together with easy storage and transportation. For obtaining desired result from contact it is required to buy water-based lubricant.

Latex sex dolls

The first products reminding people. The material used for this rubber sex doll is nice on the touch, and extremities and genitals are plausible. For bigger similarity of a product can be filled with water. Latex dolls for men do not give the chance to try different poses. It is possible to refer their fragility because inflatable parts can become torn because of strong pressure to shortcomings or burst as a result of a puncture.

Silicone sex dolls

These products are allocated with almost ideal similarity to the real person. The rubber doll for men looks as real, starting with the person with distinct outlines and finishing with physiological features of a breast, vagina, mouth and anus. Thanks to the skeleton made of polyvinylchloride or metal and to the bent joints, the toy can accept different poses and be left in them without deduction. However all this is increased significantly by its weight and at the same time such doll for men extremely fragile and vulnerable.

Textile sex dolls

The first products of a similar look were used still at 15-18 centuries in France as a training object for boys from society. Modern dolls for men are manufactured in the USA, Japan and Germany. They are made of velvety materials thanks to what received the name – "plush women". The Japanese sex dolls or other similar types can be used only in the presence of condom. The additional convenience is created thanks to the weight, small unlike other types. Sometimes such products complement with cyberskin, but it does them by even less plausible.

Rubber doll of new generation for men

These products the most expensive because are made by means of cyber-skin which practically does not differ from human. The most expensive rubber dolls for men are in addition allocated with natural hair and eyes, most reminding natural. Inside the toy has a framework from PVC or metal with the flexible connections reminding joints of people thanks to what it it is possible to put in different poses. Rubber dolls for men as live are on sale in the form of standard models or all indicators, individual in different parameters.

How to choose a sex doll?

Having made the decision to get such toy, it is necessary to know what to pay attention to buy a qualitative thing. The modern range is various, it is initially necessary to decide on suitable appearance. Dolls for intim are recommended to be selected according to the following criteria:

  1. Functionality. It is about quantity of openings for sex implementation. In addition cost depends on anatomic similarity with the living person.
  2. Appearance. Is chosen depending on requirements and cost. It is important to understand that realness – not only the big cost, but also bigger pleasure from process.
  3. Quality. For lack of negative points it is necessary to examine carefully even a primitive toy. Realistic rubber dolls for men have to have equal and accurate seams.
  4. Safety. The product has to have the documents confirming environmental friendliness of material.

The rubber doll for men – as to it to use?

Having become the owner of this toy, it needs to be prepared for use. Initially it needs to be washed the napkin moistened in warm water with addition of soap or a special anti-septic tank for intimate toys. At the same time special attention needs to be paid to openings. To understand as the rubber doll for men works it is necessary to know, rules of use:

  1. The doll is pumped up air to an elastic state, at the same time it is important not to pump over it.
  2. It is recommended to choose the poses which are not provoking the excessive pressure upon a toy.
  3. The intimate contact is carried out only with lubricant use.

How to look after a sex doll?

For extension of term of operation of a product and preservation of an initial look it is necessary to follow not only the rules of use, but also storage. They include the next moments:

  1. After each use of a doll from the sex shop, it needs residues of lubricant from openings at a distance.
  2. All removable details are recommended to be stored separately.
  3. It is forbidden to repair a product make-shifts, special patches and glue for this purpose are on sale.
  4. The rubber doll for men is stored in the blown-off look without clothes. The poses leading to formation of folds are forbidden. It is better to hang up it on special hooks which go in a set.
  5. Cybersilicone is stored only after processing by talc.
  6. Important that the place of storage was dry and well ventilated, at the same time excluded hit of sunshine.
  7. At rare use the doll for men needs to be wiped regularly from dust.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team