Scientific and technological revolution consequences

Scientific and technological revolution consequences

Scientific and technological revolution, certainly, a big step forward for the civilized world. However along with the positive achievements which changed life of people to the best it led also to negative consequences.


Scientific and technological revolution, as much as possible creating conveniences to the person and reducing need for his work, caused serious violations in planet ecology.

Harmful for the nature were emissions of industrial wastes in the atmosphere and reservoirs. Water which you drink contains a large amount of heavy metals, salts, etc., and it is already impossible to call it crystal-clear. If you want to prolong rather healthy life, it is just necessary to buy the good water filter. And here to fight against air pollutions much more difficult.

The government of many countries conducts work on creation of the special constructions, the equipment promoting processing of industrial wastes, however achievements in this area take root actively, despite the publication of the relevant laws not everywhere. Owners of many plants and factories observe only documentary formalities. In practice pretty often violations meet. Also thanks to scientific and technical progress the people changed from vehicles on cars, and it allowed to overcome long distances for a short time. As a positive consequence of it it is possible to note mobility. However side effect was air pollution by exhaust gases. In the modern large cities it is especially noticeable as there is practically no clean air there. More eco-friendly cars could be a solution, however, they were not widely used yet.


Due to the development of medicine many, leading earlier to lethal outcomes, diseases became curable. Development of chemical industry, the invention of penicillin and other derivative antibiotics served as the first step. If the law of natural selection worked before, then not only the strongest began to survive now, but also all others. The modern medicine also solved a problem of childlessness and, as a result, birth rate level increased. In general it led to a complication of a demographic situation. Though, the aforesaid is more relevant for the developed countries where medicine at the appropriate level. In developing countries like India, a number of the African countries the high level of birth rate is followed by high death rate of the population.

Social sphere

The scientific and technological revolution caused changes and in the social sphere. Automation of the industry led to sharp rise in unemployment. Today a large number of workers is replaced by one operator. Also requirements of employers to personnel changed, new professions appeared. The scientific and technological revolution, despite all negative consequences, is an inevitable stage of development of a civilization. There is no way back, of course. And still it is worth thinking as in the developed world to keep the human relations and ecology, and respectively and health, beauty and longevity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team