Secrets of long-livers

Secrets of long-livers

Considering deterioration in ecology, quality of water and food, it is no wonder that life expectancy is considerably reduced. In the Caucasus, in China, Japan and in other countries it is possible to meet the real long-livers who have the secrets. There is a certain set of rules which everyone people can use, and they quite simple and much will seem banal, but, strangely enough, they act.

People long-livers and their secrets

In the organization of health care by the long-liver the person who stepped over a boundary in ninety years is considered. Cases when people lived 110 years and more are in the history known, and scientists say that it is not a limit.

Longevity secrets from long-livers:

  1. It is impossible to constrain in itself emotions, and both positive, and negative. It is important to splash out everything that collected, but only not through aggression to other person. For example, long-livers of the Caucasus are sure that all sent negative surely will return and more than once.
  2. Secret of the Chinese long-livers which use in many corners of the world – regular physical activity. Those who managed to visit the countries of Asia will confirm that there people with pleasure carry out every morning different gymnastics, and do it in squares and in parks. Choose for yourself the direction in sport which will bring pleasure.
  3. Important component of success – healthy nutrition. It is necessary to refuse fat, smoked, sweet and other junk food. Vegetables and fruit have to be a basis of a diet. Such food will give necessary energy with the sign "+".
  4. One more secret – work has to bring to the person pleasure, but not to be cargo on shoulders. Besides it is worth choosing activity which means the movement, both a body, and reason.
  5. The secret of the Japanese and other long-livers concerns also addictions, that is smoking, alcohol, etc. About their harm it is proved for a long time and even children know it. It is possible to refer to addictions also laziness, abuse, etc.
  6. Many long-livers confirm advantage of hardening. It is optional to jump in cold water, begin with small and just walk in the fresh air.
  7. Good rest which is important for physical and sincere health is of great importance. It is considered that it is necessary to sleep 8 h a day and also to have a rest outdoors and to distract from usual life.

Long-livers of the different countries claim that they never look in the passport and, despite age, travel, play sports and lead active lifestyle, as keeps youth.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team