Self-hypnosis and active auto-suggestion

Self-hypnosis and active auto-suggestion

Self-hypnosis and active auto-suggestion are the psychological methods which are tools for personal improvement and disposal of problems in the most various fields of activity.

How does auto-suggestion and self-hypnosis work?

Active thinking not only creates material and intellectual values, directed to the person, it forms the personality. This process in psychology call auto-suggestion, and force it such is that can change the person to unrecognizability.

Active thinking and auto-suggestion differ from passive thinking in focus and mindfulness. They create on subconsciousness the purpose changing some put programs withdrawing or establishing the ban, etc.

At ignorance of the mechanism of action the process of auto-suggestion can be started by the person involuntarily that not always favorably. For example, having been upset because of failure, the person can reproach a long time himself, to call "loser", "bungler", etc. It often leads to the fact that in the following difficult situation he will begin to behave respectively – as the loser and the bungler.

Self-hypnosis differs from auto-suggestion in the fact that the individual plunges into in advance thought up image more deeply. That is he not just calls himself mentally "lucky", he creates the visual picture of own triumph and as much as possible plunges into it.

Self-hypnosis and active auto-suggestion are applied in many religious practicians: Buddhism, Taoism. Prayers in itself are strong auto-suggestion as the power of thought considerably increases in the weakened state.

How to learn auto-suggestion?

For more noticeable result it is necessary to be engaged in auto-suggestion alone, in a comfortable situation and in the absence of the irritating factors. It is desirable to think over a formula of auto-suggestion well not to make mistakes.

The most widespread mistake – use of negative particles "not" and. It is impossible to inspire in itself "I will not feel fear", it is necessary to repeat – "I strong and fearless". The subconsciousness does not perceive negative particles, and the wrong installation can result in polar result.

Besides, the formula for auto-suggestion has to be short and unambiguous – difficult designs can also result in incorrect result. New desirable qualities need to be entered into a formula gradually, and it is necessary to begin with small. Over time the skill of auto-suggestion can be used not only alone with itself, but also being among people.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team