Semantic reading

Semantic reading

Not each person who read the mass of books becomes the eloquent erudite. There is it due to the lack of ability to process the obtained information. To avoid similar, in the school program pay special attention to the strategy of development of semantic reading. Depends on acquisition of such abilities, the person will be able independently to study according to books or not. As in the absence of ability to analyze the text, it will be just a set of letters which is not bringing any benefit at pronunciation.

Strategies of development of semantic reading

Begin to work on development of these skills at elementary school when children are learned to read. But quite often it happens that teachers pay more attention to technical aspect of process (speed of reading, expressions), leaving pupils without skills of semantic reading. It is promoted by both outdated techniques, and the low culture of reading in family. Anyway, the lack of necessary ability will be obligatory to be felt and in adulthood without them will be difficult. But it is possible to be engaged in formation of skills of semantic reading at any age. For this purpose it is possible to use one of the following ways.

  1. Reading with questions. It is the simplest to read aloud alternately with the workmate, asking each other questions about the read text fragments. But if you find several more volunteers, then the effect will be the best.
  2. Reading with stops. Not always there is an opportunity to arrange a group sit-round gathering with the book, but it is possible to read and silently, without forgetting to stop to ask themselves questions which will help to understand how well the text was acquired by you.
  3. Reading with marks. At acquaintance with the difficult text can be difficult at once to understand all nuances therefore It should be noted places which do not give in for judgment yet to return to them then. It is so possible to write down thoughts which came to reading time, it will also help to acquire information better.

It is worth noticing that skills of semantic reading are necessary not only at development of scientific literature. The work of art demands judgment too, and much more pleasure from reading can be derived, penetrating into a plot.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team