Sink of high pressure - what to choose?

Sink of high pressure - what to choose?

Karcher - quite so call a sink of high pressure in everyday life, however, not many know what it is the best of all to choose. Today its choice is influenced also by pump type, and what details, and a pomp and also many other components are made of.

Principle of work of a sink of high pressure

First of all, it should be noted that this unit is quite useful in life. Not only that it saves money, so also the car contains in ideal purity. And let it costs considerable money, this purchase will justify itself in the first year of operation. Today there is a big variety of the choice of sinks of high pressure which are capable to satisfy any category of consumers.

If to speak about the principle of operation of this device, then it is as follows: the high-speed stream destroys dirt which stuck to a surface. It is carried out by means of mechanical influence.

From the technical point of view this principle is that water from a source comes to a pomp, liquid pressure increases to the established indicator there. Then under pressure water arrives to a handle gun and is sprayed as soon as you press the button.

It is interesting that the form of a stream can be regulated and changed at the expense of various nozzles. Arguing on overall performance of such sink, it should be noted that the consumption of water and speed of a stream influences this indicator. And it means that it is important to exercise in the choice of this unit judgment.

What to choose a sink of high pressure?

Its choice is influenced by both model, and pump type. Inexpensive models have a resource, equal from 30 to 60 hours. Details are made of plastic which is not durable. In expensive models all on the contrary: both the resource is more, and details are made of duralumin or brass.

It is important to pay attention to a pump pomp. Distinguish two of its views: plastic and metal. The first type is divided into folding and non-demountable a pomp. Non-demountable it is impossible to repair. It needs to be replaced only. Folding it is practically not necessary to change. In comparison with metal, plastic most often breaks as a result of overheating and influence of hot water.

Upon purchase it is important to pay attention to a water consumption limit admissible in the considered device. If it is exceeded, the device will break.

Choose for yourself an optimal variant of nozzles. Angular nozzles, various brushes which are pumping out and a sanding ejector nozzle are especially useful in mill life to dirt.

What autonomous sink of high pressure is better for the house?

  1. BOSCH Aquatak Clic 125. Pressure reaches 125 bars. Cleaning by means of detergents. It is convenient to include it one pressing of a leg. The gun spray has the rotary coupling. The tube is equipped with 4 modes: the fan stream of the high pressure low for washing off and putting foam which dot is rotating and also not rotating. Cost is 119 c.u.
  2. Makita HW130. The maximum pressure – 140 bars. In a set there are two mills, a hose of high pressure, a mill for a sink shampoo, a washing gun and also liter of branded shampoo. Nozzles: fan, rotor brush and standard. Cost – 600 c.u.
  3. Karcher K 5.55 JUBILEE. A water pressure in the pump – 140 bars. Among nozzles (fan, mud) we have a mill which is applied to cleaning of paths. Aluminum casing. On the unit there is a handle which is intended for transfer. In a set the filter is applied. Cost is 170 c.u.
  4. Interskol AM.120-1500. Pressure reaches 120 bars. Aluminum casing. Equipped with protection of the engine against overheating. In a set there are standard nozzles. Available the system of protection in the form of automatic shutdown of the device. Cost is 119 c.u.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team