Snorkeling - a fascinating type of scuba diving

Snorkeling - a fascinating type of scuba diving

It will be useful for fans of outdoor activities to learn what is snorkeling and as it is correct to be engaged in it. This type of swimming under water requires equipment which is available and too much money is not necessary. Not superfluous will know the best places for this entertainment.

What is it - snorkeling?

Under this term understand a type of swimming as a water surface that allows to enjoy beauty of the underwater world without deep immersion. There is still other name which differs in one letter – snorkeling. Scuba diving snorkeling demands use of a mask and a tube. Even for more convenient swimming it is possible to put on flippers, and in cold water – a diving suit.

The snorkeling is an available type of swimming, but at the same time the person nevertheless has to have certain skills:

  1. It is important to float well, there will be otherwise a serious risk that the person will drown.
  2. Experts specify that the beginner has to float quietly within 15 min.
  3. Basic skills of swimming on a back and a stomach will be useful at least.
  4. Besides, it is in advance necessary to learn to use a tube that in case of immersion not to choke. It is good if the person can detain air more, than for a minute.

To people who only get acquainted with what is snorkeling and prepare for the first immersion, the following councils will be useful:

  1. Sea water holds a body better therefore beginners are recommended to train in the sea at once, but not the pool. It is better to make the first immersions under supervision of the expert or experienced swimmer.
  2. It is necessary to be engaged in snorkeling in quiet weather, when there is no waves also water warm.
  3. Before plunging it is recommended to get acquainted with the underwater area of the area and to learn about possible danger.
  4. Consider that in water there is a visibility distortion somewhere for 20% therefore all objects seem closer, than they are actually.
  5. As it is necessary to float on a water surface not to burn down, it is recommended to use sunblock cream.
  6. Do not leave a mask and a tube under hot direct beams of the sun, otherwise they can deteriorate.
  7. After immersion came to the end, for safety of its equipment it is recommended to rinse properly in fresh water.

Where it is possible to be engaged in snorkeling?

It is possible to float with a tube and a mask in any reservoir, but only not in everyone it is possible to see beautiful fishes and other inhabitants of the underwater world. To understand where good snorkeling, it is necessary to be guided not only by beauty, but also by conditions, so, for safe and comfortable immersion to choose quiet places, without inflows / otlivov and a strong current better. Optimum water temperature is at the level of 28-30 °C, and at lower indicators the diving suit is recommended.

The best places for snorkeling

At fans to float with a tube and flippers there are favourite places where it is possible to receive from process huge pleasure. Many consider that the best snorkeling in the world on the Red Sea, for example, on Egyptian resorts, flora and fauna are very rich there. Also the resorts of Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Dominican Republic are popular. Maldives and the Mediterranean will be suitable for skilled snorkler.

Equipment for snorkeling

To begin to master this type of swimming, without fail it is necessary to buy a mask and a tube. There is also other equipment which is additional and is bought at will. All this can be found in sports shops or to order on the Internet. The set for snorkeling can include instead of a mask points, but this option for professionals.

Suit for snorkeling

It is recommended to beginners who it is bad to float to buy a diving suit which is made of the material holding the person on a water surface. It is possible to replace it also with a life jacket, but then it is necessary to forget about diving. Such clothes for snorkeling are necessary if for swimming the reservoir where water cold is chosen. It is for this purpose better to use a long diving suit from a neoprene. There are models from lycra, but they well protect from the hot sun and facilitate stay in warm water.

Mask for snorkeling

The most important subject for immersion – a mask as it provides an opportunity long time to observe what occurs under water. There are several councils as it is correct to choose a mask for swimming of snorkeling:

  1. It has to approach under the size, otherwise leakages not avoid. Before purchase apply it to the person and make a strong breath through a nose, and then lower hands. The suitable mask should not fall. Experts recommend to buy models without valves that minimizes risk of a leakage.
  2. The mask for snorkeling can have one or two glasses, here the choice can be made on the taste. The submask space is useful that will provide a quite good viewing angle.
  3. When choosing it is recommended to pay attention to marking of glasses. Options "T" and "S" are safe.
  4. One more moment – silicone on a mask can be transparent, black or color. Consider that the first option, though gives the maximum review, it strongly glares.

It is impossible to ignore also a tube which is necessary in order that the swimmer long was under water. In most cases its length does not exceed 30-40 cm. It can be as from right, and on the left side, the main thing is to adjoin to the person, but not an ear. Consider such recommendations about the choice of a tube:

  1. The lower valve as it simplifies process of cleaning of a tube is useful.
  2. Pay attention to diameter, so, than it is more, it will be simpler to that to breathe, but cleaning process will become complicated. You should not choose options with a diameter more than 2.5 cm.
  3. The mouthpiece has to be located freely in a mouth that it was not necessary to have a snack it. Besides, he should not be tough.

Flippers for snorkeling

This subject is not included into the list of the necessary equipment for swimming, but at the same time he is capable to facilitate considerably process of stay under water. By means of flippers the swimmer maneuvers better and reduces time for immersion and a raising. At the same time in places where there are a lot of seaweed and ooze, they can become a serious barrier to normal movement. Beginners for snorkeling cannot include flippers in set. There are several councils concerning the choice:

  1. It is recommended to pay attention to how flippers sit on a leg as usability depends on it. It is necessary to measure them on a bare foot.
  2. Good flippers will not be heavy, very long and rigid. If you buy flippers with boots, then pay attention to fastening which should not be weak.
  3. Among beginners flippers from plastic and rubber are the most popular. At the same time it is necessary to consider that they are put on already in water.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team