Some facts about a tsunami

Some facts about a tsunami

In the nature the phenomena which strike with the power and greatness often meet. Some of them turn into serious natural disasters that cannot but cause horror in people. At observations of such natural phenomena of the person can embrace fear and horror, and in case of safety of life and to health – understanding of all greatness of the world around. A tsunami – one of the most large-scale natural disasters which happen on the planet Earth.

The tsunami is a natural phenomenon which arises on water open spaces of the seas and oceans. It works with several "waves". The water tsunami represents a wave which rushes on the coast and everything that meets on the way pulls down.

Earthquakes can be the cause of a tsunami, but it is not the only reason of emergence on water of the terrifying waves. Various landslides and even explosions of huge and small volcanoes can be the cause of a tsunami too. So, at explosion of a volcano Santorini waves which had height over 50 meters rose. And the hugest waves were recorded at a splitting off of the glacier which fell to the gulf on Alaska – 100 meters.

Most often tsunami arise in the Pacific Ocean (80% of cases). Generally Pacific Ocean behaves quietly. But sometimes happens that in the ocean some platform of a bottom moves. Thereof on a surface water behaves very restlessly therefore and it is possible to observe waves which can rip to shreds the whole sea coast. Storm wind gusts can sometimes be the cause of a tsunami. In that case wave height as much as possible can reach 20-23 meters.

Tsunami with each other differ by the size. Thus, if they gain catastrophic character and the huge sizes, then consequences can be absolutely tragic. It concerns cases when the tsunami begins to extend on the ocean. Usual (weak) tsunami on time on average last of 2-3 o'clock.

Nobody is insured from consequences of this terrible natural phenomenon. The only thing that the person to escape from such phenomenon can make, it to predict a tsunami and to take measures for escape of the dangerous place.

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