Standard daily rate of calories for men

Standard daily rate of calories for men

At modern abundance important not only to learn to choose quality food, but also to remember quantities in which it should be used. The well-known formula Harris-Benedict will help to calculate standard daily rate of calories for the person and to define how he needs to eat for preservation, decrease or increase in initial weight.

How many standard daily rate of calories?

Many are sure that for any woman standard daily rate – 2000 calories, and for the man – 3000–4000 kcal. However these average indicators do not consider either age, or growth, or a constitution, or activity of the person therefore it is not possible to use these figures by drawing up the correct diet.

The fact is that each of the listed factors affects the needs of an organism for energy: so, for example, with age metabolism works more slowly, and food it is necessary to use less, than before. Growth allows to calculate requirements of an organism proceeding from its physical features, and activity – to reveal as it spends a lot of energy in addition to ensuring activity (breath, heartbeat, etc.).

However, each person has a different metabolism from the birth therefore even the standard daily rate of calories received on a formula sometimes should be adjusted.

How to calculate standard daily rate of calories?

To count standard daily rate of calories, we suggest to use the well-known formula Harris-Benedict. It should be taken into account that this formula works only for people of a normal constitution – for too full, as well as thin, other formulas considering them features are used.

This formula allows to find out the basic need of an organism for energy (or BMR) – that is that quantity which is necessary on maintenance of breath, heartbeat, etc. Further the coefficient of physical activity which allows to correct the received formula is offered, to give it identity.

The standard daily rate of calories for men pays off so:

BMR=88.36+ (13.4khves, kg)+ (4.8khrost, cm) – (5.7khvozrast, years)

For comparison, for women the formula with other coefficients works:

BMR=447.6+ (9.2khves, kg)+ (3.1khrost, cm) – (4.3khvozrast, years)

After calculations of basic norm it is necessary to address also indicators of physical activity:

  • the minimum activity – lack of sports activities (coefficient 1.2);
  • low activity – easy loadings 1-3 times a week (coefficient 1.375);
  • average activity – loadings of 3-5 times a week (coefficient 1.55);
  • high activity – big loadings of 6-7 times a week (coefficient 1.725);
  • very high activity – loadings more once a day (coefficient 1.9).

To calculate the final daily need for calories, it is necessary to increase BMR indicator received on the previous formula by the coefficient corresponding to your real activity.

Standard daily rate of calories for men: examples of calculations

Let's calculate for an example the consumption rate of calories for the man of 28 years, 180 cm in height, weighing 82 kg which three times a week give to a body easy loadings.

BMR=88.36+(13.4x82)+ (4.8x180)-(5.7x28)=88.36+1098.8+864+159.6=2210.76 kcal.

Thus, basic level – 2210.76 kcal. We multiply by coefficient of easy loadings 1.375, and we receive 3039.795 kcal, with rounding – 3040 kcal a day.

Choice of products

Once you remember that 400 calories are and a handful of candies with tea, and a portion of buckwheat with beef. Identical caloric content, but quality of food absolutely different!

In healthy food it is recommended to use the natural products filled with vitamins and useful substances: meat, fish, bird, eggs, dairy products, grain, vegetables and fruit. Notice, this list did not include sweets, smoked products, salinity, canned food, sausages and other products which are not bearing advantage to an organism.


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