Stone Labrador: origin, distribution and properties

Stone Labrador: origin, distribution and properties

Labrador – one of feldspar variations. Mineral is appreciated mainly a unique play of color which creates iridescent optical effect. It is called in honor of the peninsula of Labrador where it was for the first time found in the end of the 18th century.


The Labrador belongs to silicate group of minerals. It is aluminosilicate of such metals as sodium and calcium. It contains approximately identical quantity of these two elements in the structure.  

The Labrador usually meets in the form of inclusions, as in metamorphic (amphibolite), and magmatic (the diorite, andesite, a gabbro, labradorite and norit) rocks. He also lies down continuous crystal blocks.

This mineral is mentioned in ancient legends during an era of giperboreyets. Jewelry and mascots with a Labrador were worn only by the caused a stir people – soldiers, heroes.


The Labrador was for the first time found in Canada, near the settlement of Naina that in the province Labrador. It was in far 1770. There are still its deposits. Mineral began to enjoy wide popularity in Europe, it was not enough for everyone.Fields of a stone and in other countries became soon known. So, medium-sized deposits of mineral meet in the States, Mexico, Brazil, Finland, India, Australia, on Madagascar. There is a Labrador and in the territory of the former Soviet republics, for example in Ukraine (Volhynia, the Zhytomyr region).


The Labrador has 6-6.5 points on Moos's scale that speaks about moderate hardness. If to hit it with a heavy subject or to pressure strongly him, then it will break accurately along the weakest structural sides. In that case speak about a perfect spaynost of mineral. 

The stone possesses in dark gray, smoky-gray or even black color. Bright iridescent otliva of blue, blue, green, yellow and red shades which sharply increase mineral value are also characteristic of it. This property is called an irisation or a labradorization. 

The iridescent outflow is peculiar to many translucent semi-precious stones and minerals possessing the lamellar building. The Labrador most often has the microtwinning building and is a translucent stone. Result of reflection of light from walls of microcrystals is also the play of color.


If the quality of a Labrador allows, it is polished or subjected to a facet in the form of a cabochon. Then surprising colors of a stone are shown in the best look. 

Researches of scientists proved positive influence of a Labrador on a biofield of the person. It is recommended wears jewelry with it to often ill and unbalanced people. 

Medical qualities of a Labrador still are up to the end not studied. For this reason of a litoterapevta not so often put this mineral into practice. 

Astrologers consider that the Labrador suits such zodiac signs as the Aries, Lev, the Maiden and the Scorpion. At the same time they categorically do not advise to wear jewelry with it to Cancers and Aquarius. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team