Stuffed up an ear - what to do in house conditions?

Stuffed up an ear - what to do in house conditions?

When suddenly stuffs up ears – it is very unpleasant. At the person an impression as if he is torn through some cotton wool is made, he ceases to distinguish sounds, cannot normally communicate with people around and perceives nearby space with restrictions. Moreover, doctors consider a similar state dangerous and for health in general, and for a mental state, partial loss of hearing can cause panic, a depression, a suicide syndrome. The address to the expert, especially will be the most correct in such situation if not just stuffed up ears, but also noise in ears appeared. It means that inflammation which can affect also cells of a brain that is extremely dangerous began. However, if there is no pain, foreign allocations, phantom sounds, then urgently it is possible to help itself make-shifts, but later it is obligatory to descend to the ENT specialist and to check a condition of organs of hearing.

If you do not know what to do in house conditions when stuffed up an ear, then in the beginning try to define a problem source. Most often it arises because of sulfuric traffic jams, pressure differences, hit in water ears.

What to do if the ear put after cleaning by a Q-tip?

Such situation is very widespread: you decided to clean ears and used for this purpose a cosmetic Q-tip, made several incorrect movements and suddenly felt that they partially lost hearing. It is not necessary to panic, most likely, you unintentionally pushed in acoustical pass a so-called sulfuric stopper – a dense clot of the secretion produced by special glands. It is necessary to remember that it is possible to clean with Q-tips only an external part of an auricle, and it is impossible to enter them in an ear canal at all. But if the trouble already happened, then it is possible to help itself in the following ways:

  • to dig special ear drops – them it is possible to buy in any drugstore without recipe;
  • to wash ears with boiled water or solution of Furacilin, the ordinary disposable syringe of large volume without needle or a special spray pomp to Zhanna is for this purpose used, the syringe should be pushed in acoustical pass and to sharply squeeze out from it liquid in an ear, then to incline the head and to allow water to flow out.

What to do if stuffed up ears after the plane?

Those who travel by air can have an unpleasant situation when after the plane stuffed up an ear and this state does not pass, causing to the person considerable discomfort. The reason of unpleasant feelings – a difference in air pressure in the plane and outside, on the earth. Sharp fluctuation of indicators causes hypostasis of an internal part of an acoustical system, as at cold. It is possible to get rid of it by the following methods:

  • to keep silent, to suck the sour candy causing plentiful salivation and to take a thorough sip, it is possible to repeat it several times;
  • sometimes helps also good that is called to a crunch in a jaw, a yawn;
  • it is also possible to try to hold a nose and a mouth and to try to inhale, having made every effort;
  • it is possible to close ears little fingers and to strongly strain muscles of the head and a neck;
  • make massage of auricles – squeeze them fingers and try to twist strongly, at the same time rubbing that ears became red from the flowed blood.

How to work if water got into an ear and stuffed up it?

If the ear strongly put after bathing in the pool or a natural reservoir, it is necessary just to extract liquid. For this purpose it is necessary to incline the head to a shoulder and to jump on one leg, slightly patting a palm on other ear. It is also possible to try to adopt the lying provision, to turn sideways, to take several deep sips and to strain muscles behind ears. Still it is possible to enclose a cotton tampon in an ear and to wait until water is absorbed in it.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team