Stuffs up ears and the head - the reasons is turned

Stuffs up ears and the head - the reasons is turned

Often happens so that all of a sudden stuffs up ears and the head begins to be turned. The indisposition can be followed by nausea, a ring in ears. Besides attacks can repeat. If before it you did not ride roundabouts, that is an occasion to think.

Many know how it happens when stuffs up ears and the head is turned, the reasons of it are connected with violations of a vestibular mechanism. But there can be also more serious violations. For example, the diseases connected with central nervous system or with heart are so shown. Pressure jumps cause similar manifestations too.

The characteristic symptomatology when the head is turned stuffs up ears, weakness, speaks about need to see a doctor. With it it is connected:

  • nausea;
  • emergence of "points" before eyes;
  • darkness in eyes;
  • feeling of sound isolation from the outside world,
  • at the same time, noise in ears ""is heard"".

Why stuffs up ears and the head is turned?

Such state most of all walks on descriptions at osteochondrosis of cervical department (1 and 3 degrees).

To rustle in ears and can stuff up ears at otitises. This disease often leads to dizzinesses. Still it can be consequences after some injuries of a skull or the infectious diseases connected with damage of an ear. For these reasons the balance in work of all systems of an organism, from here both dizzinesses, and nausea is lost.

When the health still worsens:

  • during pregnancy;
  • after the postponed stress, after a fright;
  • because of narrowing of vessels;
  • because of a sleep debt;
  • as drug intake consequence;
  • at a long diet.

What to do if stuffs up ears and the head is turned?

If such state took you unawares, it is not necessary to lose self-controls. It is necessary to calm down, make several deep sighs, to step aside and sit down, ask to call an ambulance. Because of severe dizzinesses it is possible even to faint on a short interval of time. It is dangerous as there is a probability of falling and getting injured of a skull.

Some more councils how to behave when the head is turned stuff up ears feel sick:

  1. It is necessary to lean on something to keep balance. If it happened at home, then it is necessary to lie down. On the street it is possible to lean the elbows about a building wall, a column, to ask the help for passersby.
  2. It is necessary to try to normalize breath, directly holding the head besides.
  3. At the beginning attack it is recommended to drink as dehydration is directly connected with strengthening of dizziness.
  4. Troubles can wait in case long not to listen to organism signals. The head not from scratch begins to be turned.

It is necessary to be able to analyze the health, to remember because of what it could become worse. If to all fault the stress, then gradually releases you. It is necessary to wait a little. Perhaps, it will be required to take the sedative drugs. But it is better – to address the psychotherapist or the neurologist. Only the expert can appoint medicines.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team