Suntan - advantage and harm

Suntan - advantage and harm

With approach of heat and sunny days more and more people get out to have a rest to the nature and to sunbathe, having held up the skin which yearned during the winter on heat under beams of the sun. The healthy bronze tan does skin more attractive and healthy. Besides, simply very it is pleasant to spend some time under the warm sun, having forgotten about the everyday cares which constantly are background noise of human life. But, that not to exchange, at suntan is both advantage, and harm that needs to be considered, having decided to spend a long time in the sun or to visit a sunbed. From suntan there is a wish to derive only pleasure and advantage for an organism. And that it was so, it is necessary to follow certain rules and, as well as in everything in this life, it is simple to know the measure.

Advantage and harm of solar suntan

If is in the sun not too long, then you benefit from natural suntan only for an organism. Sunshine raise and strengthen the immune system of an organism, also increase intellectual and physical activity. Under the influence of ultraviolet, the organism begins to acquire better calcium, fats, proteins, ascorbic acid. Besides, the sun is a fine source of vitamins E and D which are very useful to an organism. Also sunlight dilutes blood, promotes improvement of a metabolism, lowers the level of content of cholesterol in blood and improves skin that is especially relevant for owners of the problem skin subject to acne rashes. And, of course, as we know, sunshine improve mood. They are some kind of therapeutic depressions medicine, despondency and just bad mood. It is necessary to mention also specific advantage of suntan for men. Ultraviolet promotes production of testosterone that is necessary for normal functioning of a male body.

But, as it was already told, suntan in the sun has not only an advantage, but also harm. However, most often, the undesirable effect arises only if too long to be under sunshine. It leads to unpleasant solar burns from which skin reddens, hurts and then is shelled. Various skin diseases can become consequences of frequent burns such. Besides, at long stay under the hot sun it is easy to overheat or even to receive sunstroke that also causes a strong loss to an organism.

In a sunbed, in principle, it is possible to tell about advantage and harm of suntan in equal degree the same. Of course, it is desirable to consult the doctor concerning contraindications before beginning to visit a sunbed, but in general if to respect the rules of safety, then benefit as a result only for an organism and ideal suntan.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team