Syndrome of a dry eye - symptoms

Syndrome of a dry eye - symptoms

Presently many spend many hours at the computer therefore from us all symptoms of a syndrome of a dry eye, a disease which is expressed that the surface of a cornea is not rather moistened are influenced by a large number. To understand how to treat a syndrome of a dry eye and how to avoid its emergence, let's talk about the factors causing it.

Reasons of emergence of a syndrome of a dry eye

Can treat factors which cause appearance of this illness as various ophthalmologic diseases, for example, conjunctivitis or keratit, autoimmune diseases, endocrine frustration. Also incorrectly picked up contact lenses and external irritants, such as dry air, strong wind, smoke can provoke emergence of symptoms.

The main signs that it is time to see a doctor are:

  1. Reddening of eyes.
  2. Burning and discomfort in this area.
  3. Indistinct sight, feeling of blurring.
  4. Eye pain during the work on the computer and also at hit on an air flow cornea.

At emergence of these symptoms, it is necessary to address the expert immediately. He will make the diagnosis and will pick up a method of elimination of a problem.

How to treat a syndrome of a dry eye?

Of course, if it is that the autoimmune disease or endocrine frustration became the cause of an illness, then independently it will be impossible to fix a problem. But when external irritants became the factor which provoked emergence of unpleasant feelings, special means - drops can help. It is possible to get them in drugstore.

The list of drops from a syndrome of a dry eye:

  1. Lakrisif. Treat low-viscous means, the so-called group "Artificial Tears".
  2. Lakrisin. Have average degree of viscosity and are appointed when "Artificial tears" do not help to solve a problem any more.
  3. Vidisik, Oftagel, Lakropos. These medicines on the consistence remind gel more. Apply them when means with low or average viscosity do not help to get rid of symptoms.

It is also important to understand that for the period of treatment it is necessary not only to apply various drops, but also to refuse the computer, the TV and e-books. Not less important before purchase of drops to consult with the doctor, to establish the problem reason and also to receive individual recommendations about treatment.


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