Telekinesis - how to learn?

Telekinesis - how to learn?

The ability to telekinesis meets very seldom. Only units can move by force of thought objects, lift them in air, extinguish a flame and deform strong metal products. And though this non-material impact on physical objects gives in to scientific study, it is not possible to understand and explain its nature up to the end yet. However there is an opinion that everything because they are absolutely natural to us have telekinetic abilities. But the majority simply does not notice them and does not try to develop therefore we so seldom see this phenomenon.

Whether it is possible to learn telekinesis?

Yes, it is possible, but at observance of important conditions.

The first is your huge desire, persistence and belief in the success.

The second - ability to relax and concentrate as to learn telekinesis without ability to operate attention and to own the body and consciousness - is impossible.

The third - readiness for daily trainings and exercises. Really many can theoretically influence objects by force of thought, but will make it only those who will make considerable efforts in training.

That's all governed.

Now time to glance in itself and to check the potential came. For this purpose though the persistence and constancy on occupations will be required, it will be quite simple to carry out them therefore it is possible to learn telekinesis as under the leadership of the expert, and at home, independently. The main thing that nothing distracted you during the trainings.

How to learn telekinesis through work with energy?

Relax, close eyes and feel an energy stream which goes through your body. On an exhalation send it to the hands. Feel how it concentrates in your palms as gets into fingers to the tips.

Extend hands before yourself and develop them palms to each other. Feel what tangible and dense is a space between them.

Now let before you there is some subject. Raise over it hands and cause in them feeling of heat. Slowly bringing closer a hand to an object, concentrate on feelings. It can be pricking or feeling that the space under your palm contracts, condensed. Concern a surface of a subject and also slowly you take away a hand back. Feel how the power field under it resists, does not allow to tear off a hand, to lift it. Having taken away a palm, have a rest and relax, release all feelings.

Then try to create such power contact in any conditions with different objects. Experiment with distances, increase them. Direct an energy stream from a palm to 2-3 meters from yourself and "you catch" its reflection, return to you in the form of a push or pricking.

Train at yourself feeling of surrounding space through power reflection, define distances blindly, feel surfaces, without concerning them.

Now start attempts to shift a subject without physical contact with it.

Development of telekinesis through visual concentration

In the beginning send the look to one point, it is the best of all to draw it. Exempt consciousness from thoughts, think only that your eyes let out beams to this point.

When this exercise begins to turn out well, add to it circular motions by the head.

Then draw the second point - above the first. Very slowly you transfer a view from one of another, even feeling at the same time effort - as though you a look displace the top point down, and lower - upward. These are the first steps in practice of telekinesis and they are very important for mastering by it.

Now you pass to real objects. Influence them as well as earlier points, by mental effort getting moving forward them.

Practice, engaged and learn - whether it is possible to learn telekinesis independently, at home; check - as your opportunities are big and how deeply they are hidden? Perhaps, you have the rare gift which it is necessary "to wake"? Be persistent and patient, to find out it, you should pass a big way.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team