Than plants breathe

All living beings of the huge planet are subordinated to one general law of life: to the law of a kislorodoobmen by means of commission of a certain irresponsible act under the name breath. Not a so special exception of this rule are also ordinary plants. Process of breath supports in them all biologically active systems, causes activity of cages and bodies.

Breath in plants can happen thanks to systems, absolutely different, suitable for these conditions of dwelling. It can be an ustyitsa and chechevichka – the special bodies capable to receive and acquire oxygen directly from air and employees for gas exchange between all bodies and the environment. Plants and roots, absorbing vital gas in the conditions of the boggy area breathe. At bolshelistny plants and also at tropical types in the course of absorption of gas all live surface participates at once, also those plants which grow in water breathe all parts.

Breath process

It is known that in the course of the breath two main substances are formed: the carbon dioxide produced in the atmosphere and the ordinary water accumulated by a plant. All energy accompanying similar reaction of disintegration of organic components to simpler goes for formation and maintenance of normal level of activity of a plant, further growth and active development of its branches, roots and fruits.

You should not confuse breath and difficult process of photosynthesis. These phenomena are absolutely opposite. If the first passes with direct absorption of oxygen all available elements of a plant and active allocation of energy and carbon dioxide, then the second rather on the contrary uses energy of the sun, gas and water for creation of particularly complex substances, such as, for example, sugar and gas oxygen.

Features of respiratory process

In the soil of a plant breathe roots, at the same time not gas, but carbonic acid is emitted. It is curious that bulbous plants conduct more active process of absorption of oxygen, than plants with roots, however it does not mean at all that, for example, ornamental room bulbous plants will absorb all oxygen in the room. They not only breathe, but also "exhale". The intensity of breath of living plants of course is not comparable with breath of warm-blooded animals and directly depends on age and the current requirement. For growth of all cages and further education of flowers of oxygen it is required to so especially young, quickly developing escapes, certainly, more, than to the faded and turned yellow plants which are going to go to a peculiar hibernation, having slowed down all biological processes. It is important to note that breath of flowers much more intensively, than breath of leaves of the same plant which, in turn, are more active in this process in comparison with usual stalks and fruits. It is by practical consideration proved that breath directly depends on the level of the developed temperatures and amplifies with growth of stem of thermometer. Light also promotes increase in level of carbohydrates, those connections which become active participants of a system of absorption of oxygen. The higher plants are allocated with special ability of the oxygen-free, anaerobic process happening to involvement of all internal potential of the living being, to use of reactions of disintegration of organic compounds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team