Than to wash polyurethane foam from hands?

Than to wash polyurethane foam from hands?

Many repair work which is especially connected with isolation means use of polyurethane foam. Experts recommend to use protective equipment which prevent hit of foam on hands and clothes. If the person neglected this rule and was soiled, then it is necessary to know how to correct situations.

Than to wash polyurethane foam from hands?

It is important to consider, the earlier to begin to get rid of pollution, the result will be better. There are several effective ways which can be used in house conditions.

  1. Special aerosol. It is solvent which is applied to cleaning of parts of a gun in operating time. It can be bought in many hardware stores. To achieve absolute result, aerosol of the same firm, as foam is recommended to choose. Means needs to be applied on the polluted place, and then, to wash away it in a large amount of flowing water. Aerosol can be used also for other surfaces. This means will not help if foam hardened.
  2. Acetone. If the person is interested, than it is possible to wash polyurethane foam from hands when it did not stiffen yet, but at the same time there is no wish to spend money for additional resources, then it is worth stopping the choice on acetone for varnish removal. In liquid moisten a rag of fabric or a cotton pad and wipe with it the polluted place. Then wash up hands in flowing water.
  3. Folk remedies. Many use kerosene and the warmed vegetable oil for removal of residues of foam. Still it is possible to take rock salt and to rub it the polluted place. After that wash hands in flowing water.
  4. Mechanical removal. For those who are interested, than to wash the dried-up construction foam from hands, it is worth paying attention to these ways of cleaning. The rigid brush, pumice or a soft emery paper is suitable for this option. It is necessary to apply fat cream on the polluted parts of the body that will help to prevent negative impact of a brush or pumice. Well wet a brush, and then, soap. Remove with smooth movements pollution. It is recommended to grease skin with cream periodically. One more council to achieve good result, it is possible to steam out previously skin in hot water within 10 min.

Useful recommendations:

  1. If you tried all above means, and foam nevertheless remained on skin, it is not necessary to panic as in several days of pollution will peel off.
  2. Thinking of what to wash hands from polyurethane foam, you should not use acid substances, for example, vinegar at all. As you do not achieve desirable result, but there is a high probability to get chemical burn.
  3. After holding procedures surely take care of a condition of the skin. It is possible to use different cosmetic procedures and means.

Than it is possible to wash polyurethane foam from clothes?

Besides the most effective remedy for removal of foam is special means from hardware store. For a start follows by means of a knife or the pallet to remove residues of foam. It will prevent foam hit deeply in matter. Then blot the place of pollution with means and wash clothes.

Other options, than to wash the dried-up foam from clothes:

  1. The purified gasoline, and even liquid for varnish removal will be able to cope with this task. It is important to carry out the procedure accurately not to damage fabric.
  2. To cope with the dried-up foam Dimeksid – means which can be found in drugstore. For a start remove with a knife residues of foam, and then, for 40 min. cause structure. After time blot the means remains. Wash clothes.
  3. It is possible to leave dirty clothes in the sun for several days. It is important to knead periodically foam fingers.

It is the best of all to prevent emergence of a problem, than to get rid of it. For this reason it is recommended to use protective gloves and overalls.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team