Than walnut is useful to men?

Than walnut is useful to men?

The most famous psychotherapist Vladimir Levi called "A holiday for a brain" walnut because even the small amount of nuts mixed with oil will restore vital forces, will lift the general tone. Than walnut is useful to men?

Advantage and harm of walnut for men

Walnut became widely known for men at the time of Hippocrates. Ancient Greek doctors advised to give this nut to boys from the earliest age. Doctors used it as medicine from "male powerlessness".

Besides the whole complex of vitamins of group B, C, A, E, RR contains in this nut many nonsaturated fatty acids, squirrels, sodium, zinc, iron and cobalt. Together with goat milk, nuts reduce nervous tension, minimize aggression, help nervous system to return to normal. Eating several nuts every day, the man will fill vitamin balance. Walnuts help to cope with two main enemies of "male" health: adenoma and prostatitis.

The beneficial influence of nut on male health is possible thanks to zinc, calcium and magnesium. They stimulate formation of molecules of testosterone, and respectively, potency level increases.

In combination with honey, walnut doubles the advantage for men: the potency is restored as soon as possible, the quality of semen improves. This tasty and useful dessert does not demand special culinary skills. It is enough to shell walnut, to crush and fill in a little with fresh liquid honey, and nuts and honey have to be in equal quantity, that is 1: 1. The only thing what nutritionists ask to remember, is the high caloric content of both products. To avoid a fast set of excess weight you should not abuse this dish. 2 tablespoons of "dessert" will be the most optimum standard daily rate of honey with walnuts. The man will derive the maximum benefit if he accepts this means in the mornings.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team