The best geyner for a set of weight

The best geyner for a set of weight

Many athletes use nutritional supplements to improve the results and to increase muscle bulk. That the choice of a geyner for a set of weight was for you simple, it is necessary to know some rules:

  1. Proteins, carbohydrates and natural fats have to be its part.
  2. Geyner gives the chance to eat a usual way, but at the same time to gain muscle bulk.
  3. The best geyner for a set of weight has to have a complex of vitamins and necessary for a human body minerals.
  4. The choice of a geyner for a set of weight has to proceed from its structure. In it there have to be 25-30% of a protein, 10-30% of vegetable fats and carbohydrates.
  5. You have to understand that nutritional supplements affect each person individually. It means that for someone the geyner of the same producer will yield great result, and for other person zero.
  6. The choice of a geyner depends on result which you want to receive as a result.

What to give preference to?

If it is difficult for you to gain weight, then geyner for a set of muscle bulk have to incorporate a large amount of carbohydrates. If you need to lose weight, but at the same time to increase the muscles, for you the geyner will be the ideal decision a part of which 30% of proteins and 70% of carbohydrates are. Geyner for growth of muscles – a natural product which each person can use, the only contraindication – individual intolerance of a product.

Examples of a good geyner for a set of muscles

  1. Mega Mass 4000 – one of the best geyner for a set of weight. It can be found in packings up to 7 kg. Geyner of this producer incorporates 1640 kcal and 80 g of protein.
  2. Cytogainer – contains 80 g of carbohydrates and 65 g of protein in the structure. A lot of energy for daily trainings gives combinations of these substances. That will increase caloric content, you can mix a geyner with milk or grape juice. To achieve desirable result accept it 3 times a day.
  3. Mass-Tech – has high-quality structure in which there are 830 kcal and 45 g of a protein.
  4. True Mass – is a part of this geyner a large amount of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. All this favorably affects the size of your muscle bulk. It includes 50 g of protein, 70 g of carbohydrates and 17 g of fat. Accept it before a training and later and also before going to bed.
  5. Serious Mass – though yields good result, but also is suitable not for all. 252 g of carbohydrates, 50 g of protein and creatine are a part. Ideally if you combine this geyner with other look.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team