The best inventions of 21 centuries?

The best inventions of 21 centuries?

The mankind is not tired to produce the most improbable ideas which then and realizes, creating the most improbable technologies and inventions. The twenty first century did not become an exception – scientists-enthusiasts from around the world already made a set of discoveries which improved human life and continue to improve it.

Technical inventions of 21 centuries

Cars with the internal combustion engine gradually begin to become outdated as they are succeeded by cars with the hydrogen engine, hybrid cars and cars on the electric motor. These vehicles of the present are ecologically safe and economic in comparison with cars on gasoline and other types of fuel.

Use of such cars will allow to reduce significantly quantity of harmful exhausts in the atmosphere and to save on natural combustible materials.

Robots and automatic systems today any more not imagination of fantasts, but the most true reality. Robotic mechanisms in the form of animals and even cybernetic mechanisms with human appearance which have similarity of artificial intelligence are already created and can comprehend simple tasks. In the near future scientists plan to create the robots programmed on performance of various security, agricultural and household works. Automation of the house which allows to operate remotely all its parts by means of the computer became a huge gift to mankind. The TV, the fridge, household appliances, the car, air conditioning system and other objects of use are automated already today. Will subject to automation all factories, the large plants and city systems controlling activity of the equipment in megalopolises soon.

Genetic inventions of 21 centuries

Also scientists-physicians do not lag behind scientists-engineers. In the 21st century they managed to create a prototype of an artificial uterus which will allow to grow up a fruit out of a maternal womb. Uterine replicators are today new biotechnological revolution which is actively developed by the most qualified bioengineers from around the world.

By means of an artificial uterus of children even the infertile women or ladies who lost a uterus as a result of surgery will be able to have.

3D printers allowing to print layer-by-layer finished full-volume products with the set technical parameters created in special programs became a novelty of 21 centuries also. Three-dimensional printers can reproduce most precisely any programmed template from huge amount of materials. The invention is already worked in medicine and also the food and aviation industry. There are desktop house versions of three-dimensional printers and professional models for serious work with difficult tasks.

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