The correct breath at run

The correct breath at run

Run is a training at which the organism begins to experience oxygen starvation and needs its bigger volume. Not to lose a rhythm and not to begin to gasp a mouth in the second minute of occupations, it is necessary to learn the correct breath at run. There is several technician of breath from which the athlete can choose that which is more preferable to it, considering features of the organism and the speed of the movement.

Diaphragm breath

If you never heard about such breath, time to learn it came. The essence is that at a breath the stomach has to be inflated, but not a breast, and at an exhalation respectively to be involved. This performance of breath during run will be correct and will allow to increase several times inflow of oxygen to pulmonary fabrics that will allow to increase quality and efficiency of a training.

Breath types:

  1. Nasal breath. Increases load of heart, forcing it to fight more often. As a result of people quickly loses energy and is tired.
  2. Breath by a mouth. It is inexpedient because causes cooling and pollution of lungs and bronchial tubes.
  3. Simultaneous breath by a mouth and nose. Technique of the correct breath, difficult on performance, during run.
  4. The mixed breath at which the breath is implemented through a nose and exhaled through a mouth. It is the correct breath at sports walking and also run on average distances – 600–3000 m.
  5. The return mixed breath when the breath is made by a mouth, and exhaled a nose. This equipment is used seldom, but has the right for existence.
  6. Method of consecutive breaths and exhalations on intervals. Long-distance runners – 3000–42000 meters do everything to keep breath to the finish, resorting to such method and carrying out a breath a nose on 4 steps and an exhalation a mouth on the subsequent 4 steps.

At any training the correct breath is important. It is known that any sport is preceded by warm-up which sets the tone for all subsequent exercises. It is very important to make any effort on an exhalation, and on a breath to relax. At inclinations to exhale, and at rises to inhale. And here at sprinting it is impossible to control breath because all attention of the athlete is concentrated on speed and after jog the breath is restored. Therefore anyway it is necessary to listen to himself and to intuitively choose for itself what will be acceptable to an organism. He will prompt as it is the most convenient to it to breathe.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team