The correct breath for health

The correct breath for health

Caring for the health, people pay much attention to food and physical activity. It is considered that they form the basis of a healthy lifestyle. However very few people consider also such factor as the correct breath for health. And the person continuously breathes, and in many respects course of this process defines how there will be a metabolism in an organism. Therefore it is necessary to monitor breath not less carefully.

Value of the correct breath

According to clinical trials, breath is directly connected with energy potential of the person. And, for example, during cold when we cannot well breathe because of a stuffy nose, we feel broken and tired in many respects for this reason. Inhaling air, the person receives oxygen, necessary for life, which gets to blood, is carried on all organism and participates in vital processes of cages. If we does fully not breathe, then it can be the reason of many diseases. And, on the contrary, the correct breath – diseases medicine of treatment, according to healers and experts of traditional medicine too.

Exercises for formation of the correct breath

To learn it is correct to breathe not so difficult. The most difficult is a constant self-checking, it is necessary to watch constantly himself again not to get off and to nullify all efforts and achievements. Such exercise will help to master technology of the correct breath for health, for example:

  • reach a comfortable position – sitting;
  • the state has to be weakened, a bearing – correct;
  • slowly inhale and exhale through a nose;
  • at the same time try to involve not the top part of a thorax, but lower adjacent to a diaphragm and an abdominal cavity.

It is necessary to devote to occupation at least 20 minutes a day.

Still exercise: it is necessary to rise, extend a leg forward, to pick up the balloon and to begin it to throw slightly, at the same time saying drawlingly vowels. Then to add to them concordants and to say already whole syllables. Having lowered a ball, to repeat still time.

Signs of the correct breath

You can be convinced that you breathe correctly if:

  • you do breaths and exhalations through a nose, but not through a mouth;
  • the breast remains motionless, the stomach wall is inflated and falls down;
  • there are no foreign sounds at breath;
  • frequency of breaths and exhalations in a minute is 16-20;
  • breath has to be natural and not to bring discomfort.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team