The dream is how important for athletes?

The dream is how important for athletes?

Fully to live, move, work, enjoy life, the qualitative dream is necessary for us. For anybody does not turn gray that the dream is an integral part of biological processes without which the person cannot live. So, for example, without food of people will not wash away to live at most 40 days, without water – week. And if the person does not sleep several days there are serious violations of the central nervous system that leads subsequently to mental disorders and even to a lethal outcome.

Giving to a dream 1/3 part of all life in general, disputes how many it is necessary to sleep that the organism was completely restored after wakefulness are still conducted, the power stock of nervous system was filled, the balance of physiological and biological exchange processes was restored. If to the ordinary person how it is proved by scientists, it is necessary to sleep not less than 8 hours a day, then how the situation with rest of athletes is? Energy in a day at them it is spent much more. The correct dream is how important for athletes?

Influence of a dream on the athlete's organism

When the sport subject is touched, very often speak about regular trainings and healthy nutrition, but on an equal basis with these parties also the correct healthy sleep costs sports life.

Any athlete, who to seek to achieve positive and even the best results in the sport has to sleep regularly and many.

The professional athletes competing at competitions sleep 10-12 hours a day, and in days of performances or the most intensive loading sleep before and after a performance or a training.

If, playing sports, you do constantly not observe the dream mode, your metabolism to decrease by the whole 30%. Because of decrease in metabolism there is a delay of reaction and there is a feeling that everything, earlier performed daily operations, are given much more difficultly, than it is actually. It is also proved that to tennis players the full-fledged regular dream helps to increase blow accuracy by 42%. Not to mention that sleep disorders increase threat of exhaustion (not only at athletes) by 11%!

As the famous American basketball player Grant Hill speaks – the dream is as important as a diet and trainings. In the last minutes of a match the concentration of attention and speed of decision-making increases several times. And as scientists proved, the dream increases the speed of adoption of the correct decisions by 4.3%. You represent what advantage professional athletes have over the rivals who do not observe the dream mode!

If to speak about swimmers, then besides, the conducted researches proved that the speed of starting reaction (when the shot sounds) for 17% depends on a full-fledged regular dream.

Such impressive figures speaking about difference in sports reactions of the got enough sleep and not well-rested athletes speak for themselves about importance of a dream in sport.

Of course, it is necessary not to forget also about specific features of each person. If on average winner athletes for a dream require 10-12 hours a day, it does not mean that you by all means should reach this norm. If you feel full of energy in 8-9 hours of a dream, this your norm means, you should not "break" yourself. For example, Tiger Woods is the famous golfer, the 14-fold winner of the Meydzhor tournaments sleeps a day less than 6 hours. But it is only feature of this athlete.

Listen to yourself, observe the correct mode of a dream, take the heat weakening baths before going to bed, air the room, do not eat densely before going to bed, and then you will always have an excellent mood and excellent results in sport.

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Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team