The games developing memory

The games developing memory

Many people, having for the first time heard about the concept "mnemonics" are horrified and imagine scientific approaches in studying function of a brain. Actually under it, unclear at first sight, the term is that other as the simplest methods of development of memory. Games the developing attention and memory are the most available to the business people who do not have knowledge of the field of psychology. They allow not only to diversify leisure, but also to develop abilities, both at children, and at adults. The only difference of the games developing memory from professional mnemonic the technician that games are not single, and are carried out to the companies.

The childish sports developing memory

Memory is an integral part of any human activity. Especially its functions are important for younger generation. Without the aid of memory the child will badly play, talk and will hardly be able to understand the parents. However development of memory in children happens unequally. Children for whom parents found not enough time and attention have usually bad memory. That it did not occur, it is necessary to use the childish developing sports. Let's consider some of them:

  1. Find on memory. A game allows to develop memory, attention and coordination. Indoors, which well familiarly the child needs to spread out several various toys. Ask the child to remember the place of each subject in 2-3 minutes then to find them on memory. Then tie with a scarf to the kid eyes, twist him round its pivot-center and note time which the child will spend on search.
  2. Find mistakes. A game develops ability to concentrate, memory and analytical skills. Take the small fairy tale or the story and in advance make the second option with some changes. Explain to the kid that the fairy tale which needs to be remembered will be aloud read to him as it is possible better. In 5-10 minutes when the child masters the first story, you designate it the second. It is previously necessary to warn that in the second story there will be changes which the child has to find. If the child sees mistakes not at once, help him, and each time he will begin to remember better.

Thanks to such developing games for children, memory of the kid will constantly train that will facilitate over time to him not only in communication with the world around, but also in further training and education.

The games developing memory for adults

If children's memory can be developed plain exercises, then at adults the situation is a little differently. As it was already mentioned earlier, adults have games developing memory have to be collective. Therefore it is possible to consider two options – games for two people and for the small company.

In the first case you can invite on a visit the friend and it is fine, with advantage for the memory, to spend time thanks to next games:

  1. One person attentively considers the person or a picture and remembers image details. Then he turns away and tries to make a detailed description of what was seen.
  2. Chain of actions. The person remembers sequence of some actions. For example: to rise, approach to the door, to open it, to go to other room, to bring the book, to close a door and to sit down back. It is gradually long such chain has to increase, complicating a task.
  3. To one of players tie with a scarf eyes. The second player takes him by hand, and silently drives along a certain route. The first player is obliged to remember this route. For example – three steps directly, turn on the left, five steps to the right, turn circle, etc. Further the same player has to repeat completely a route with open eyes.

The games developing memory for the companies:

  1. Two players sit down backs to each other. The third person asks everyone questions of the partner who behind the back: what color his hair in what it is dressed, what color of an eye at it, etc. Both players have to answer questions.
  2. On a board 6 various geometrical figures are in turn drawn. At first the first is drawn, players look at it 5-10 seconds, then it is erased and instead of it following is drawn. A task of players of memory to draw all 6 figures.
  3. Players sit down at a table where before everyone the handle and the sheet of paper lies. Each of players writes on the sheet 5 of various numbers. Then one person reads aloud the numbers, the others listen to him and write down his numbers on a leaf. Then the person checks correctness of written. After that the same operations are performed by other players.

Thanks to such simple exercises your memory will always be in good shape, and you will be able to spend perfectly time among the friends.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team