The most effective exercises for buttocks

The most effective exercises for buttocks

Not only men pay attention to the fifth point at women as often it occurs on the contrary. Because of low-active lifestyle, muscles of buttocks lose the tone and also there is pain in a back. To correct a situation, it is regularly necessary to carry out exercises for muscles of buttocks. It is possible to train not only in the hall, but also at home.

The most effective exercises for buttocks

It is considered that the greatest possible results are yielded by exercises which take place with burdening. Here only the beginning athletes are not recommended to carry out at once difficult complexes as excessive loading can become the reason of getting injured and effect of such occupations will not be.

It is recommended to begin the morning with jog, but only there are some rules. First, try to raise legs higher to increase load of buttocks. Secondly, run not on the flat road, and it is better uphill and on steps.

What exercises for buttocks the most effective:

  1. Basin raisings. Settle down on a back, bend one leg in knees, and extend another up. Hands can be on hips, and still they can be extended along a body. Exhaling, tear off a basin from a floor and lift it up. Important in the maximum point to strain muscles of buttocks. To raise loading it is possible to take pancake from a bar which needs to be placed in areas of a basin.
  2. Squats. This most effective exercise for inflating of buttocks which will allow to achieve good results. There is a huge number of options, will consider squats with a jump. Put legs at shoulder length, and get hands for the head in the lock. Fall down, before formation of a right angle in knees, and then rise and jump up up. Do everything at slow speed. After several trainings it is possible to raise loading, using weight, for example, a bar or dumbbells.
  3. Attacks. The known isolating exercise for buttocks which deserves on appearing in the list "the most effective". Much know of how to carry out simple option of exercise therefore at once we will stop on the complicated option – attacks with a bar. The shell needs to be held on a back part of shoulders. One leg take a step forward and sit down on a breath, bending the second leg in a knee. Check that the knee of a front leg did not support foot. On an exhalation come back to a starting position. It is important to hold balance.
  4. Squats by "Pistol". One more effective exercise for buttocks which can be used in house conditions. Get up directly and sit down down, extending one leg forward. If it is difficult to carry out exercise, then it is possible to hold a chair. To raise loading, squat standing on the height or pick up pancake from a bar or a dumbbell. Make 15 repetitions and replace a leg.
  5. Calling on a bench. It exercise for inflating of buttocks is quite deserved enters category "the most effective" as it is carried out easily and yields good result. Get up before the platform, holding in hand on dumbbell. Put the left leg on a bench and rise by it, at the same time transferring body weight to a leg. During it it is necessary to make an exhalation. Taking a breath, the right leg go down on a floor and repeat all over again.
  6. Romanian stanovy draft. This effective exercise for inflating of buttocks also gives load and of hips. Carry out everything at small speed. Standing directly, pick up a signature stamp. Take away shoulders back and cave in in a waist a little. Taking away a basin back, lower a bar to the middle of a shin, and then get up.

Remember that occupations have to be various therefore do not use in a complex only exercise for buttocks.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team