The program of exercises in gym for men

The program of exercises in gym for men

Programs of exercises in gym for men have various level of complexity, than extent of preparation, especially difficult is higher, long and various there can be a training. However, if the level of training initial or simply is not enough time for long training process, then it is possible to use a basic set of exercises for development and keeping fit.

Programs of trainings in gym for men

If the person for the first time has come to gym, then it is necessary to begin with an easy training. When performing general exercises for men in gym it is necessary to select such weight of weighting compounds and shells that the beginner could smoothly and without breakthroughs to carry out movements.

The set of exercises for men in gym includes study of the main groups of muscles with a certain number of approaches. It is necessary to begin with 2 approaches till 8-12 times for everyone. It is gradually possible to increase the number of approaches and repetitions. Thus, at first it is necessary to develop the correct technology of performance and to prepare muscles for the main trainings.

Basic set of exercises for men in gym:

  1. General warm-up, racetrack (8-10 min.).
  2. For Giperekstenziya (inclinations through a goat) without weighting compounds, and then it is possible with dumbbells or a disk from a bar (3х10-15).
  1. Press legs with high setting of legs (2х8-12).
  1. Squats of a plie with a bar (2х8-12).
  1. Bending of hands with a supination (2х8-12).
  1. Bar press on a horizontal bench (2х8-12).
  1. Pulling up in horizontal plane (2х10-12).

After the main complex of a training it is good to execute exercises on an extension. It is very useful for heated-up muscles. Further the training can be complicated a large number of approaches, increase in loading and to diversify a complex with other exercises.


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