The program of trainings with body weight

The program of trainings with body weight

The set of exercises with body weight for men allows to train in house conditions. Thanks to regular trainings it is possible to get rid of excess weight and to improve relief of a body.

The program of trainings with body weight

For a start we will consider several important points which will allow to be a complex correctly. First, it is necessary to select multipurpose exercises which involve many groups of muscles. Secondly, it is necessary to change constantly exercises and to increase loading as progress can stop. Thirdly, it is worth carrying out exercises in several approaches, and calculate the number of repetitions, considering the preparation. It is the best of all to choose circuit trainings with the minimum rest.

Exercises for occupations with body weight:

  1. Push-ups on hands. It is possible to carry out also classical push-ups, but we will stop on advanced option. It is the best of all to use small pedestals. Get up in a handstand and find balance. Carry out push-ups, bending hands in elbows to a right angle.
  2. Level. This exercise which gives load practically of all muscles also is suitable for work with body weight. There are several options and for a classical level it is necessary to rest against a floor elbows and socks so that the body formed a straight line. It is necessary to stand in a level the maximum quantity of time. To complicate a task, it is possible to stand on one hand or having raised a leg up. There is also side level, etc.
  3. Twisting. There is a huge number of options of this exercise, suggest to stop on one of them – twisting with deduction of legs. SP – settle down on a back, having put hands under buttocks, and bend legs in knees. A task – tighten to yourself knees, lifting a basin a little, and then, return to a starting position. Make 30 times, and after that extend legs before yourself at an angle about 45 degrees. After that slowly lower legs, holding them suspended near a floor. Hold situation during a poluminuta. Important during performance of all exercise to hold a waist pressed to a floor.


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