The shining condoms

The shining condoms

The shining condoms appeared in intimate use relatively recently. However many couples already used this contraceptive and got the impression.

Why the shining condoms are necessary?

The new type of condoms was developed by producers for those who wish to bring a new note in intimate relations.

The shining condom is men's contraceptive. It consists of two layers of latex between which sulfide of zinc and copper is located. Thanks to such chemical compound the condom luminescence in the dark is provided. Not all condom, and only its tip will shine most often. But at diligence it is possible to find also more non-standard types of the shining condoms: shining completely, different flowers and striped.

Producers of these shining products claim that such type of contraception is safe for partners as skin will adjoin only to latex.

The shining condom is:

  1. Unusually. They help to bring a fresh note in the relations, to increase sexual feelings and desires. Such type of contraception is suitable more for couples with the powerful term of joint life.
  2. Cheerfully. Non-standard condoms cause for the first time cheerful reaction, especially, if they shine completely. Therefore if the guy has for the first time intimate relations with the specific girl, then it is better to refuse such glowworms. Besides, if the girl is inclined to irony, the guy has every chance to get an unusual nickname.
  3. It is safe. Though adherents of traditional methods of contraception also strike to doubt the shining novelties, but after all producers insist on their safety. Various researches and certificates of quality which are intended to assure buyers of safety of the condoms of substances applied to production are given to confirmation.

Features of the condoms glowing in the dark

The shining condoms have one important feature: before use they need to find some time. In order that they began to shine, they need to be put under a lamp or sunshine. Packing of condoms transparent, and thus they are loaded with energy, necessary for a luminescence. There is enough half-minute of charging that the product shone half an hour. This way of development of a light stream not new: it is used in many children's toys and decorative objects.

One more feature of the shining condoms which surely should be considered is their thickness. Existence of three layers in a basis leads to the fact that condom becomes very thick and reduces sensitivity of feelings at the man. If this moment is not critical for the man, then the shining condom can become good means of entertainment and a discharge.

However to apply its every time there is no sense. It can be one of variety options in sex which that and is good that it is applied seldom.

Where to buy the shining condom?

It is the simplest to buy the shining condom in any sex shop. There it will be presented in different types and from different producers. In rare instances the called form of contraception can be taken in drugstore.

The shining Contex condoms are the most known products of this series. Except this producer Durex, Glowing (Kontex Glouing), Amor Neon are known. The shining condoms from Kontex and other well-known companies have higher cost, but their quality will be provided with a brand of the producer.

Summing up the result, one may say, that the shining condoms are one of options of entering of a variety into intimate life. However it is better to apply them seldom and only to those who are familiar long enough.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team