The waist hurts – what to do?

The waist hurts – what to do?

Unfortunately, but more and more people complain of waist pains every year. To all fault increased loads on a backbone, long stay in a sitting position and most often in the wrong pose. Actually the list of the reasons rather wide as not only the waist, but also ovaries can hurt women or other bodies. As visually and on own feelings it is very difficult to make the correct diagnosis therefore it is recommended to see a doctor if pains arise systematically.

The waist hurts men – the reason

As near a backbone there are many nervous terminations, emergence of discomfort in a waist can be a consequence of developing of many diseases. If to take the most often met problems, then the waist can hurt and pull legs for such reasons:

  1. Most often leads stretching of sinews to emergence of pain. It is connected more with a raising of weights.
  2. If pain very strong, then the reason can consist in a crack or a change. It can occur during the falling or blow.
  3. When the waist at an inclination hurts forward and sitting, it can be connected with the pathology leading to protrusion of intervertebral disks which press on the nervous terminations. Any curvatures of a backbone can cause pains also. Elevated pressure on a waist causes also excess weight.
  4. Presence of infectious and inflammatory diseases also leads to developing of pains which are more shown in the morning.
  5. Osteochondrosis – rather often met disease at which food of fabrics worsens and also vertebras begin to collapse over time.

If after a dream the back in a waist hurts, then many consider that it is connected with the wrong pose during sleep or with an inconvenient mattress. Actually any of the considered options can be the reason of unpleasant feelings after awakening.

What to do if the waist hurts?

If pains in a waist often disturb, then it is necessary to go to the doctor. In the majority a case the expert recommends to use medicines which allow to remove a muscular spasm and also anesthetics. If a hard case, then it is necessary to wear some time a special bandage and also to complete a physical therapy course. The recommendation which concerns all patients – rest and use of local therapy, for example, of the anesthetizing gels.

Treatment if the waist hurts, means observance of the following rules:

  1. Try to sit less and if it is impossible, for example, work obliges, then watch that the back was in direct situation. Surely take a frequent break, carrying out different physical exercises.
  2. Do not lift too heavy things, but if it is necessary, then do it correctly, without breakthroughs.
  3. Regularly borrow with sport, for example, carry out the exercises from remedial gymnastics directed to strengthening of a muscular corset. Exercises on an extension are still useful that allows to avoid displacement of the nervous terminations. Also swimming is useful for a back.
  4. It is recommended to change a mattress, having given preference to rigid options. As they allow to support a backbone in the correct situation.
  5. Use compresses on the basis of curative herbs. For example, it is possible to prepare such structure: mix according to 1 h to a spoon of a thyme, camomile, elder and St. John's wort, and then, fill in all 1 cups of boiled water. Insist within 30 min., and then, moisten a scarf in liquid and apply it on a sore point.

Remember that it is better to warn emergence of a problem, than then to fight against it therefore lead active lifestyle.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team