Theory of the rational choice

Theory of the rational choice

Anthony Dauns is a founder of the theory of the rational choice. To the he wrote the book that when we speak about rationality, we mean the behavior directed to the selfish purposes. The personality at the same time tries to minimize expenses and to maximize result. For the first time the theory of the rational choice arose in economy and subsequently passed to other sciences.

The theory of the rational choice in economy

Characters in this science are the buyer and the producer. The buyer decides that to him to get, and the producer - what goods it is necessary to manufacture. The person makes the rational choice, i.e. chooses the most relevant decision from all possible, practically being always guided by selfish motives. As a result producers turn out low-quality products, and consumers buy it at low prices. Only the game theory can correct a situation: when the group of people makes the decision, but does not consider future actions of other persons though the end result depends only on the last.

The theory of the rational choice in political science

Before becoming widespread this theory in policy, there passed about ten years. This theory indicates that society is secondary in relation to the personality. She creates the relations and institutes therefore its interests are defined by her. Also the theory indicates egoism of the personality who always tries to maximize own result even if will behave as the altruist. Admirers of this theory claim that the person makes the decision on vote depending on as far as he estimates benefit of own voice. Political parties also try to get support as it is possible the bigger number of people.

The theory of the rational choice in sociology

People try to coordinate the actions so that to achieve the individual objectives. The person can choose an alternative, that is option which will yield the best result. But the aspiration of people to own benefit can lead to a social dilemma when there is a conflict between personal and social rationality. For example, the entrant at entering a higher education institution can use a crib and arrive. As a result the institute will receive badly prepared students, and students - low-quality education. If both parties worked honestly, they would receive qualitative result at the level of own efforts. But at the same time they have to be sure that they will not get into a situation of unilateral loss.

The theory of the rational choice explains rational behavior when the certain person can choose and realize the opportunities. Each personality follows the vital plans which are quite possible for executing, enjoying the received result. But at the same time it is necessary to remember that personal plans can do much harm to society.


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