To what does the ex-wife dream?

To what does the ex-wife dream?

Psychologists are sure that people who are to us in a dream somehow disturb us, touch, do not leave thoughts – at least, at the subconscious level.

If the former spouse regularly is to you in a dream, it means that you still had questions and aspirations concerning the last relations. Possibly, you not up to the end released her, or keep in yourself many offenses and claims to the former half.

If the woman dreams the ex-wife of her husband probably that she feels the guilt before that, the abandoned woman. One more frequent reason is excessive interest in her life and as a result – its phenomenon in dreams.

If you constantly dream the ex-wife, try to define why she dreams you what you want to tell it or that you need to ask it? Perhaps, the real conversation with it on this subject will save you from dreams. As option, it is possible to ask mentally for it forgiveness and also to forgive her for everything. Only after free pardon it will leave your dreams.

To what does the ex-wife dream?

In dream books different circumstances under which it is possible to meet the ex-wife are considered. Depending on that, how exactly you see her, interpretation of a dream will be a miscellaneous:

  • if in a dream the former spouse passes by you, without noticing – all feelings remained in the past;
  • if you see yourself in the relations with the ex-wife, so experiences remained in the past, and you are ready to release her finally;
  • if in a dream you make love to the ex-wife, kiss or embrace her – it means that your feelings to it remain somewhere in you; other option – soon you are waited by the relations with the old acquaintance or the girlfriend;
  • if you see the woman sick or dying – in your life serious changes approach, and it is necessary to prepare for them morally;
  • if in a dream you see the ex-wife with another, so to you time to arrange the destiny anew and to stop living on reminiscence came.

The ex-wife can visit you in a dream even then when you do not think of her long ago, and released the past. Our subconsciousness stores huge volumes of information and all memoirs therefore you should not be anxious because of it.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team