Training for eyes

Training for eyes

The poor eyesight brings to the person many troubles. Statistically every third person has problems with sight. Therefore to prevent emergence of serious problems it is necessary to be engaged in a training for eyes.

Useful information

Everything began with the Indian yogis who thought up the exercises promoting improvement of sight. The main point of similar trainings for eyes – alternation of exercises and rest. Problems with eyes at children arise as soon as they begin, goes to school, and in addition at life of each person there is a TV, the computer and other gadgets. Even if you have no problems, you can do exercises for prevention to avoid dryness and reddening. Not only doctors, but also scientists participated in development of trainings for eyes. The important condition – to carry out exercises is regular.

Training for eyes during the work on the computer

Today practically all work happens at the computer, for example, accounts department, modeling, design and so on. And houses not only adults, but also children sit long time at the computer. Exercises can be carried out directly at work, sitting in a chair. One conditions – the back has to be a straight line.

  1. Make circular motions clockwise and in the opposite direction. Speed initially has to be high and decrease gradually. Make 10 repetitions.
  2. Now you need to alternate focusing of a look. At first look at close being subject, for example, on a tip of the nose, and later translate the view of the remote subject. Repeat 5-7 times, then strongly squeeze eyelids and blink few times.
  3. The last exercise – massage. Rub eyelids fingers in the direction from a nose to ears. Also rub a little palm that they were warmed and for some time cover with them eyes, have a rest.

The training will take you at most 10 minutes, but will help to prevent serious problems with sight.

Training for eyes at short-sightedness

The exercises given below will help you to improve a condition of the sight and to prevent emergence of serious problems. Repeat each exercise on 6 times.

  1. You look on to the right, to the left. Only you do not twirl by the head.
  2. You look up and down.
  3. Do by eyes circular motions clockwise and in the opposite direction.
  4. Strongly narrow and relax eyes, only at fast speed.
  5. Do movements by eyes on diagonal.
  6. Your task to take eyes in one point which is located on a nose tip. To facilitate to itself the task set a finger on a nose.
  7. Often blink eyes.

Training for eyes at an astigmatism

This disease leads to distortion of the image, you see some elements accurately, and some is indistinct. Carry out exercises on 3 times a day.

  1. That your eyes had a rest, within 15 minutes look afar, without concentrating on anything. After that close eyes for several minutes.
  2. Do horizontal, and then vertical movements by eyes. Do 6 repetitions.
  3. Also carry out all above-considered exercises, they perfectly help at such disease.
  4. Do by eight eyes.
  5. Raise the head and for 5 minutes as much as possible narrow eyes, later open them for 5 minutes.

Training for eyes in the form of a game

Today on the Internet a large number of games which help to check the vigilance is presented and to improve sight. In the form of a game, simple exercises which will be able to correct to you sight help you to perform various pictures and tasks. Also you can find similar games in books. This option is ideal for children.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team