Trainings in house conditions for men

Trainings in house conditions for men

It is a little more difficult to be engaged houses, than in the hall as there is no necessary equipment, but at the same time the person significantly saves both money, and time. Trainings in house conditions for men have to be combined with competent food. To receive good result, the system is important therefore it is necessary to make the accurate schedule of occupations as temptation to break in house conditions it is rather high.

Training of muscles in house conditions

Effectively to be engaged, it is necessary to prepare at least the minimum equipment, for example, a bar, dumbbells and a bench. By the way, it is possible to make stock with own hands, for example, dumbbells, there can be plastic bottles filled with sand. One more useful shell – a horizontal bar which can be found in the yard or to make houses.

It is necessary to begin a training on weight in house conditions with warm-up which is intended for a warming up of muscles and joints. Make rotary motions by the head, hands, a basin, and still different moves and inclinations. It will be quite enough. The program of trainings in house conditions can include exercises with a bar, dumbbells and also there are many options of twisting, squats, push-ups, etc. To receive good result, it is necessary to be engaged three times a week, paying attention to all muscular groups. Experienced athletes assure that the best option of a training – repetition of exercises in 3-4 approaches till 12-15 times. Between approaches the rest is allowed, but it is no more than couple of minutes.

Complex of trainings in house conditions:

  1. Press of a bar lying. At first sight this exercise seems to lungs, but it has a number of nuances. To accept SP, it is necessary to be located on a horizontal bench and to hold a bar over a breast on outstretched arms. It is possible to carry out this exercise and lying on a floor. A task – lower a shell to a breast, and then, again squeeze out it up. Movements have to be smooth. On rise help yourself an exhalation.
  2. "Hammer". This exercise allows to pump over properly a biceps and to increase force of hands. For its performance it is necessary to take dumbbells. It is possible to do "hammer" as in a sitting position, and lying. One more important point – a raising of dumbbells can be done by two hands or serially at once, besides there is no difference in it. SP – get up directly, take dumbbells and lower shoulders. Hands from an elbow to shoulders have to be in a motionless state. A task – exhaling, raise hands, bending them in elbows, but not up to the end, and on 3/4 amplitudes. Be late for couple of seconds, and then, on a breath return to SP. You should not straighten hands completely that will allow to keep tension.
  3. Double twisting. It is recommended in the program of trainings in house conditions to include this exercise on a press as it harmoniously distributes load of all sites of a press. SP – settle down on a back, bend legs in knees and do not put them on a floor. Get hands for the head, having bent them in elbows. The waist has to be densely pressed to a floor. A task – exhaling, at the same time tighten to yourself knees and a breast, carrying out twisting. It is important not to press hands on the head as it reduces efficiency. It is necessary to return to SP, taking a breath. You should not put shoulders on a floor, keeping tension in the field of a press.
  4. Push-ups. It is possible to carry out this exercise with different setting of hands. For example, if to put hands more widely than shoulders, it will allow to concentrate loading on pectoral muscles. A task – fall down, bending hands in elbows and parting them in the parties. It is necessary to do it on an exhalation. After fixing of situation it is necessary to return to SP, but here you should not straighten hands completely to keep tension in muscles.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team