Use of liquid glass

Use of liquid glass

Liquid glass - very universal remedy which differs in the democratic price and availability. Use it in a set of the industries: construction of houses, pools, in a household and even when welding details.

Main fields of use

Today very actively such industry as chemical industry develops. Constantly all new substances which are applied in any given sphere take root. One of such substances is liquid glass.

In our country the production of the potassium, sodium and mixed liquid glass is generally arranged. Thanks to the physical and chemical characteristics it found very broad application. This material in the following areas is most demanded: in chemical industry for pasting of porcelain, thick paper, a foil and so on.

It is reached thanks to the fact that this material is perfectly linked to various surfaces, whether it be a tree, plastic or metal. In addition liquid glass is sources of valuable oxide of silicon from which it is possible to receive zeolites, white soot, sols of silicon acid. Quite often liquid glass is used in a household for cleaning of clothes as it helps to get rid of oil spots and pollution. The method of application is quite simple: it is necessary to mix glass and water in a proportion 1:25, and then to boil clothes in the received solution. The greatest distribution, of course, received this valuable substance in construction business, it is difficult to present this industry without use of liquid glass.

Application in construction

The fact that the considered glass is hydrophobic substance is of great importance and increases durability of some materials. It is added at production of paints, applied to putting plaster and hard putty on various surfaces. One more important property – fire resistance. It is of great value when painting surfaces of walls in public buildings in the course of what the risk of ignition decreases. Very often liquid glass is a component of cement mortar or concrete. Thanks to it cement mix quickly grabs and becomes stronger. One more scope of application – construction of pools. Liquid glass does not absorb and does not pass water, having excellent waterproofing properties. Besides it is not subject to impact of an atmospheric precipitation, corrosion that is big advantage. Liquid glass is a component at production of electrodes for welding, when laying a waterproofing in houses and basements, construction of roads and strengthening of soil. Thus, liquid glass is the modern, valuable and very demanded in different fields of activity material.

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