Verbal thinking

Verbal thinking

The person throughout all the life faces every day a set of tasks which solution demands from it use of skills of logical thinking. We hardly constantly think of it as many actions begin to be already habitual. As, for example, turning of a key in a keyhole in a certain direction for opening and closing of a door. But, nevertheless, the logic is required to us constantly. Logical thinking, inherently, is a thought process at which the person uses logical designs and reasonings on the basis of which certain conclusions as a result are under construction. Logical thinking conditionally is divided into three types among which there is also verbal thinking. Let's understand that, what is it and what role is played by development of verbal thinking in the general development of the person.

Studying verbal thinking

Verbal or as it is called still, verbal and logical thinking is a type of logical thinking which is mainly characterized by use of speech designs. This type of logical thinking assumes not only ability to think logically, but also competent knowledge of the language, the speech. This thinking is involved at the person at the moments of a talk (especially disputes as the logic helps with search of arguments), during public statements and so on. Generally, verbal myshleniye it is used by the person in all situations when is necessary to express the thoughts by means of the speech. The backwardness of verbal thinking leads to what to the person quite difficult happens to formulate the thoughts aloud whereas in the head they create a close and beautiful formation. Also, if this type of thinking is not developed, the person can have a fear of a performance before public as there will be a fear that it will not turn out to inform of the thoughts competently.

Therefore to develop a verbal and logical type of thinking it is necessary to begin with the smallest. In general, concerning at what age verbal thinking is formed, it is difficult to tell something exact. In one and a half years at the child figurative and logical thinking already begins to be formed, that is the child learns the world in evident images. As soon as the child begins to seize the speech, it is possible to begin to develop gradually in him verbal thinking. Parents as in educational institutions or at all time is not found for it have to be engaged in it, or it is not enough.

Exercises on development of verbal thinking it is possible to find a set. It and problems on logic which can be connected both with mathematics, and with language. It is also possible to ask the child to retell the seen cartoons and the read books. A great way of development of verbal thinking is to compose together with the child of the fairy tale and various stories.


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