What air purifier to choose for the apartment?

What air purifier to choose for the apartment?

Today the authorities of the big and small cities attended to issues of improvement of ecology: new squares and parks are put, so-called green zones of the cities extend. But, unfortunately, this work goes far not everywhere, and very slowly. And against the background of environmental problems growth of number of the diseases provoked by unhealthy structure of air which we breathe is noted.

What will help to purify air?

However installation of air purifiers which, passing through the system of filtration air from the street, clean helps to solve a problem and refresh it, doing suitable for normal breath.

Today it is, practically, possible to find the air purifier for the apartment, here it is only necessary to understand what to choose. This question at all not idle time, it is not so simple to understand abundance of the equipment of house climate. Let's try to make it together.

What to pay attention to?

Before solving what air purifier to choose, it is worth paying attention on what area of clarification it is calculated and as, in this case, you will exploit him: it will "be assigned" to the concrete room, or you intend to transfer it from the room to the room.

The market of the climatic equipment offers a wide choice of the air cleaners differing with technologies of purification of air, efficiency, estimated volumes of the air intended for cleaning, design, operating modes, the price and other parameters. How to choose the air purifier for the apartment at such abundance of offers, will help to solve attentive studying the instruction attached to the unit and also your ideas of what problems will be solved with acquisition of the equipment. The air cleaner has to help:

  • to get rid of a large amount of the dust which is in passing nutrient medium for the harmful fungi and pincers not visible to an eye;
  • to remove a tobacco smell if in the apartment or office there are smokers;
  • to purify air in the apartment from foreign unpleasant smells: kitchen, stay of animals and also the smells arriving from the street;
  • to reduce allergic reactions of an organism to air pollution.

In a problem how to choose the air purifier for the house, its efficiency has to become a decisive factor. In premises, incoming cleaners can become good assistants. They are intended for the high level of ventilation of inhabited and office rooms with the qualitative system of purification of air. Besides, considering the possibilities of the inlet air purifier for the apartment and deciding what to elect, it is necessary to pay attention to possibilities of the unit in the choice and maintenance of comfortable temperature. At the same time a positive factor is also its opportunity to work in the rooms which almost do not have air flow from the outside what are, in the majority, our apartments and offices. The coal filter which is included in the cleaner package is one of the most effective at purification of external air.

The air purifier for the apartment is capable to detain particles of dust of various fractions, swelled, soot, pollen of flowers, herbs and trees therefore solving what to choose from them, pay attention to possibilities of the unit also to carry out purification of air of harmful gases and unpleasant or poisonous smells that will allow to weaken an allergy.

It is worth paying attention to additional benefits of inlet air purifiers. It is possible to carry to them:

  • lack of requirements of special preparation of the room for installation of cleaner and simplicity of its installation in any room;
  • possibility of work with the conditioner;
  • existence of four high-speed modes, including silent – night;
  • control of temperature of external air and maintenance of its comfortable state indoors.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team