What animals and plants are in North America

What animals and plants are in North America

North America is interesting and rich both vegetable, and fauna. It is promoted by climatic features of the continent. Modern distribution of types of a vegetable cover in many respects is defined by features of an outline of North America.


1. The taiga woods, forest-tundras and the tundra are extended by width strips on all northern half of the continent. Along the coast of the ocean the width zonality in distribution of vegetation and soils remains. There various types of the mesophilic woods are generally presented. Considering that within subequatorial and tropical belts North America is dismembered and narrowed, savannas, tropical forests and deserts do not form wide strips there. They settle down only fragments on insignificant land areas.

2. In the specific relation the vegetation of North America differs from plantings in Eurasia a little. In a northern part the Arctic tundra with polygonal soils and moss and lichen vegetation mainly prevails. The grass cover from cereals, sedge and dwarfish tree species is most characteristic of the southern part: creeping heather, alder, willow, birch. The strip of the forest-tundra is rich with wood vegetation: larch, white and black fir-tree. Distribution of big coniferous trees is characteristic of east taiga. For example, balsam fir, Banks's pine, American larch, Canadian fir-tree. Broad-leaved trees grow in the mixed forests of North America: American elm, American ash-tree, linden, beech, sugar maple, yellow birch, etc.

3. It should be noted also cactaceous flora of North America. It reaches the greatest development. It is in several one hundred species of cacti, agaves, yuccas and prickly pears. The wormwood is very widespread in deserts of North America. In many places it forms huge thickets, reaching height to 2 m.

4. From large overland mammals who live in North America the musk ox, or a musky bull is most remarkable. This very hardy, massive and strong animal. But it is not so often possible to meet him on the continent.

5. More the reindeers presented by two races – forest and tundra are widespread in North America. The polar bear is found in a zone of ices and on northern coasts in large numbers. Such animals as polar caress and a wolf are also widespread.

6. From rodents in North America mice voles, alpine hares, lemmings are widely presented. From birds the snowy owl and the Alaskan plantain often meet.

7. In internal reservoirs of North America there is a lot of various fish: grayling, whitefish, lake trout, etc. It is rich coastal waters with walruses, seals. It is also possible to meet dug, a white whale and a bowhead whale.

8. Predators are numerous in North America: caress, mink, sable, North American marten, otter, skunk, etc.

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