What animals are found in damp equatorial forests

What animals are found in damp equatorial forests

The increased humidity, constant high temperature and lack of change of seasons is characteristic of equatorial forests. Life changes in a vertical here, plants and animals occupied different levels of this unique world.

The fauna of equatorial forests is very different, more than 200 species of mammals, about 600 bird species, more than 100 species of snakes live here. In tropical rainforests it is possible to meet anteaters, idlers and battleships, tsepkokhvosty porcupines, arachnoid monkeys and bats. The largest dragons in the world live in land tiers, they eat amphibians, rodents and birds. There are here also large predators — leopards (in Africa), jaguars (in South America) and also hippopotamuses and crocodiles. The rivers and lakes are inhabited approximately by the third part of freshwater fauna of all planet.

Four levels in the equatorial forest and their fauna

Tropical forests divide into four main levels, each of them has features and also the characteristic fauna. At the most top level consisting of a small number of very high trees, bats, eagles and some species of monkeys live. In the valley of Congo and Amazon there are several hundreds of species of bats.

Level of kroner is located on 30-45 meters from the Earth's surface, it the most dense also is known for the biological diversity. The fauna of level of kroner is similar to that which can be found at the most top level, but is more various. The average level is called subceiling, there lives the great number of birds and also lizards and snakes. The lower tier — a zone of dwelling of rodents and insects.

The most interesting animals of equatorial forests

Jaguar — one of the largest representatives of family of cats, he lives in North and South America. The jaguar comes for hunting in twilight hours, monkeys, hoofed animals, birds and even turtles become his production. Powerful jaws of this animal are capable to get to the core of their armor with ease. Sometimes the jaguar attacks alligators, he perfectly swims and can miss production only seldom or never. Some species of monkeys live in forest kroner at the height about 50 m above the ground. Equatorial forests are densely inhabited by monkeys, gorillas, uzkonosy monkeys and gibbons. Gorillas are the largest representatives of this class, their growth reaches 1 m 50 cm, and weight can exceed 250 kg. Predators are afraid to attack them, adult individuals of gorillas have huge force. At gibbons length of front extremities exceeds length back, they perfectly adapted to move in crowns in the way of a brakhiation. Being shaken on hands, gibbons quickly pass from one branch to another. On the ground they move on two legs, and raise long hands up to keep balance.

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