What animals died out

What animals died out

Hunting, destruction of forests and reservoirs, contamination of the nature waste – factors which for the last 500 years promoted extinction of nearly 850 types of representatives of fauna.

Main reasons for extinction of types

Any changes on the planet influence fauna. As global (natural cataclysms, wars), and the most insignificant (wildfires, floods of the rivers). The most harmful consequence of animals renders activity of the person, many disappeared because of it.

10 most known died-out animals

Animal species which the person will not be able to see more in the nature: The tyrannosaur Rex – was one of the biggest carnivorous sushi. Could reach 13 m in length, 5 m in height, to weigh 7 tons. Biped predator. Had weapon in the form of a long tail and a powerful skull. The hardened remains of individuals were found in North America. On hypotheses of scientists, the look died out together with other dinosaurs as a result of collision of a comet with Earth more than 60 million years ago.

Kvagga (died out since 1883) – subspecies of an ordinary zebra with strips on a front half of a trunk. Occupied the extensive territory of Africa. Were exterminated by people for the sake of meat and release of the space for pastures for a livestock. The Tasmaniysky tiger (or a wolf) – was the largest marsupial carnivorous the present. Inhabited the territory of Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea. Received the name for strips on a back and habitats. Intensive hunting, the diseases (brought by the person on the territories isolated from a civilization), appearance of dogs is guilty of extinction of a look. The look is considered died out since 1936, but even there are people claiming that they saw live individuals today. A sea cow (Steller's subspecies) – absolutely defenseless animal. The look was found in the Bering Sea in 1741 by George Steller. Individuals resembled modern manatees, only much more largely. The adult sea cow was 8 m in length and weighed about 3 tons. In only 27 years the animals were exterminated by the person for the sake of dense skin and fat. The Chinese river dolphin – died out as a result of pollution of waters of the river waste from cargo and industrial vessels. In 2006 the extinction of species is registered. The Caspian tiger (died out in the 1970th) – ranked third by the sizes among all species of tigers. Differed in unusually long wool, huge canines and the extended body. A color reminded Bengalese. A tour (died out since 1627) – a primitive bull. Only aristocrats hunted them. When, in the 16th century over a look the extinction threat hung, hunting was forbidden and violation of the ban was cruelly punished. It did not save population from destruction. At the beginning of the last century in Germany the look was tried to be revived, but unsuccessfully. A big auk (died out since 1844) – not flying bird reaching 75 cm in height and weighing about 5 kg. The representative of extensive family, only who lived up to the contemporary history. A cave lion – the largest lion. The main part died out in Ice Age, the remains of a look could not be restored after series of cataclysms and finally disappeared 20 centuries ago. Dodo (died out at the end of the 17th century) is not flying bird from the island of Mauritius. Treated to family of pigeons, however, reached 1 m in height. The look was also exterminated by the person.

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