What base to choose for the house from a bar?

What base to choose for the house from a bar?

The house from a bar is popular as this material is eco-friendly and inexpensive. Besides such constructions have a soft microclimate and also low heat conductivity. It is necessary to understand what base is necessary for the house from a bar as it is necessary in order that the building was strong and stayed many years. Actually, if to consider subtleties of similar works, then it will be possible to cope with them and without the assistance of the expert.

What to choose the base for the house from a bar?

The main objective of this part of construction consists in the correct load distribution so that the put pressure did not exceed admissible norms. When choosing the base it is necessary to consider the main requirements:

  1. It has to be put below soil freezing border. Consider that for different regions, this value can change. If the earth nepuchinisty, then depth does not be less than 0.5 m.
  2. The base has to resist to a soil pucheniye, its drawdown and influence of ground waters.
  3. The chosen material should not be hygroscopic, to be strong and it is good to transfer various negative factors.

To carry out the final choice and to understand what should choosing the base for the house from a bar, it is necessary to consider some important details. First of all it concerns the amount of construction, its height and also a possible snow load. Also the basis weight and also maximum "stuffing" of the house is considered. The choice of the base is influenced also by existence of a terrace or porch.

Finding out what base is better for the house from a bar, we will consider the description of the main options.

Tape base. It is the most popular option. The tape is carried out monolithic or block. It is possible to carry an opportunity to organize the cellar to advantages of this option. The tape base for the house from a bar can be two types:

  1. Melkozaglublenny – a ditch escapes on depth of 0.6-0.8 m and does not reach border of freezing of the soil.
  2. Buried – a depth is formed 1.5-2 m, at the same time the lower part of the base will be in a soil layer which does not freeze in the winter. It is important to consider that with an insufficient weight such deep base can begin to collapse therefore it is used if the house from a bar is big and to have at least two floors.

Column base. If you want to make with own hands the base for the house from a bar, consider that this option is suitable only for small constructions. Support columns can be monolithic or brick. Whatever option you chose, the sandy pillow is obligatory. Column differs from the tape base in the fact that he well transfers insignificant movements of the soil. Usually columns are located with a step to 1.5-2 m, and the depth makes 200 m.

Pile base. Piles represent support of a cylindrical form which go deeply to the soil. Such base strong and durable. Significant advantage – an opportunity to use on any soil and climate. Generally it is used at big height differences.

The base can be:

  1. – are made by drive at the plant and are driven by the special equipment. Such base expensive.
  2. – in the made wells on a sandy pillow the timbering and fittings is established by Buronabivny, and then, everything is filled in with concrete.
  3. – are sold by screw in finished form, but their quality often suffers.

Slabby base. Such basis represents an integral reinforced concrete plate which can be established on any soil. At first the ditch about a meter depth rummages. At first the pillow is made of sand, then communications are put, and the timbering becomes. The following step – is put a waterproofing and fittings are established, and then concrete is filled in.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team