What bicycle to choose for the city and off road terrain?

What bicycle to choose for the city and off road terrain?

Every year the number of people who change to the bicycle increases. At the same time there are different similar vehicles which differ in the purpose. For this reason it is important to understand what bicycle to choose for the city and off road terrain. As driving conditions different, and designs of two-wheeled friends have to differ. There are several important points to which it is worth paying attention.

What bicycle is better for the city?

Considering the size of traffic jams and amount of exhaust gases, it is quite proved that many change from the car to the bicycle which has to be comfortable and not too expensive not to be sorry if suddenly someone steals.

Finding out how to choose the bicycle for the city, it should be taken into account the following parameters surely:

  1. Ease. In this parameter it should be taken into account material of a frame and it is better to give preference to aluminum and carbon fabrics.
  2. Seat. The saddle has to be wide and soft. Better if the seat is sprung or with the depreciation subsaddle pin that will provide additional comfort.
  3. Purpose. Consider that protection on a chain that in it the clothes did not get stuck is important.
  4. Wheels. Choose the most smooth tires that causes a good setup. As for width, it has to be the average size either 26 ″, or 28 ″.
  5. Depreciation. Give preference to bicycles with front depreciation.

The choice of the bicycle for the city should be carried out also taking into account the existing models:

  • cruisers are the beautiful bicycles which are allocated with the design;
  • choppers – in fact, it is big cruisers;
  • – it is convenient to take folding as take not enough place;
  • comfortable – many consider that it is the best bicycle for the city and the forest as it is a hybrid of the mountain and city vehicle;
  • Urban – thanks to disk brakes it is possible to ride during bad weather;
  • fix – have only one fixed transfer, and the brake in general is absent.

How to choose the bicycle for off road terrain?

If the purpose of purchase of the two-wheeled friend – driving on uneven roads and slopes, then choose the mountain bicycle. It is important to consider the main characteristics of this vehicle to choose for itself the most suitable option. There are three main groups of bicycles for driving on off road terrain:

  1. Hardteyla. This type of two-wheeled transport has no back shock-absorber. Frames are made of aluminum alloys.
  2. Two-suspended bicycles. There are two shock-absorbers and the rear suspension necessary for comfortable driving.
  3. "Comfort". Such bicycle on a brake has an anti-blocking, wide wheels and also the depreciation pin under a saddle.

Now we will talk about diameter of wheels for mountain bicycles. The most widespread option – 26 inches, but is as well the 29th inch bikes which slowly accelerate, but at the same time they allow to pass for one turn of a pedal bigger distance for smaller effort. Big wheels have the best coupling with a surface that facilitates driving on off road terrain. The quantity of needles is not of particular importance if the person does not use aggressive style of driving. There are two options: 32 and 36 needles.

Mountain bicycles by all means have to have transmission, shock-absorbers and brakes which can be disk obodny. It is still recommended to choose options with a depreciation fork with air pumping. The comfort of driving on off road terrain will depend on the number of transfers. It is worth giving preference to bicycles which will have 9-10 transfers behind and 3 transfers in front. Experts advise to pay attention and to wheel width as it influences comfort of driving. Length 710 mm is optimum.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team