What head torch to choose for fishing?

What head torch to choose for fishing?

The lamp is available in an arsenal of any inveterate fisherman, fish hunters like to sit with a rod not only in the afternoon, but also at night day. It is known that lamps are different – pocket, head, manual and others, but the head torch and what to choose will be ideal for fishing, it will be told in this article.

On what criteria it is worth turning the look?

Upon purchase it should be taken into account:

  1. Light stream. The ideal option in this case – power is up to 65 lumen. It provides an accurate light beam on distance to 50 m. If it is planned to fish from the boat, then it is possible to turn the look on model with a bigger power of a stream of light, but some inveterate fishermen know one cunning: for highlighting of a reference point on that coast use the stick which is wrapped up in a retroreflective tape.
  2. The used light source. Once the ordinary glow lamp advises to prefer those who is interested what head torch to choose light-emitting diodes – more effective and consuming smaller quantity energy. Some fishers consider that the power of light-emitting diodes has to differ, however, the more the modes at the device, the more time is spent on their switching therefore it makes sense to buy the device with two modes of supply of light: energy saving and intensive. Energy saving gives a scattered wide beam, and intensive – a narrow bright strip.
  3. Food type. The high-quality device is powered not from batteries, and from accumulators. It significantly saves money besides if the accumulator is taken out in a separate compartment, it will reduce the weight of the device and will improve comfort of fishing. Those who asks how to choose the head torch can give advice surely to consult the seller as far as there is enough charge.
  4. It is good if the case does not pass moisture and water, in the forest water can have anything.
  5. Fastening. This factor matters for those who want to know how to choose the head torch for a campaign. At the same time it is very important that hands were free, and the place in a backpack intended for a lamp was occupied by other useful thing. All lamps of this kind are fixed, as a rule, by two elastic bands: one goes around the head, and the second on top. Before choosing and giving money for the head torch for fishing, it is necessary to check quality of fastening of straps to a basis and to make sure that the fixing mechanism has adjustment for change of the size according to a shape of the head.

You should not rely on councils of one seller in shop – it is possible to get acquainted with responses on the Internet and to consult to inveterate fishermen at forums. It will allow to make a right choice.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team