What heat-insulated floor under laminate is better?

What heat-insulated floor under laminate is better?

Laminate succeeded a parquet and polished boards, and the "heat-insulated floor" system acted as an excellent alternative to habitual radiators of heating. Many think and whether it is possible to combine them and what heat-insulated floor it is better to choose under laminate, there is a wish that the covering served as long as possible.

Types of heat-insulated floors

To understand what heat-insulated floor to choose under laminate, it is necessary to learn everything about the existing heating systems. The water design warms the room at the expense of the heat carrier which circulates on pipes. In an electric system the energy of current is transformed to thermal, and more modern infrared floor will transform the electric power to the thermal beams which are in an infrared range. All these types possess both general characteristics, and separate features.

All of them evenly warm space and do not spoil interior design thanks to installation under a layer of finishing material. The "heat-insulated floors" system has very high efficiency and excludes existence of "cold" zones. It is very important to understand characteristics of devices and their installation to understand how to choose laminate under a heat-insulated floor, the comfort and safety of accommodation in the house will depend on it.

Features of designs and their installation

The heat-insulated water floor requires a special substrate under laminate. She is very difficult in installation as she demands laying of a waterproofing membrane, a heat-insulation layer and a heating contour. All this increases coupler thickness to 15 cm, besides it needs to be filled in with cement mortar. Producers of laminate and designers of similar heating systems do not recommend to combine with each other such covering and heating as the risk of a rupture of pipes owing to differences of internal pressure or excess of operational loading is high.

Installation of an electric floor is connected with the features too. Heating of the room will be carried out by a cable, and it is possible to apply both strong, and single-core. The first consists of nutritious and heating lived and better to prefer it as it has smaller electromagnetic radiation. But thinking how to choose heat-insulated electric floors under laminate, it is necessary to consider that possible violation of contacts of a cable can cause overheating, so it is better to use a self-regulating cable. You should not allow overheating also because when heating over +27 °C the laminating boards begin to emit the formaldehydes hazardous to health in the atmosphere.

But if it is correct to make everything, then the system will be reliable for all 100% and is quite capable to serve 20 years and more, the truth you should not forget that such energy carrier is quite expensive. Finding out what electric heat-insulated floor under laminate is better, it is worth stopping the look on an infrared film. Everything that is necessary for installation of such floor - it is the heatreflecting material and polyethylene. And from above it is already possible to stack a finishing covering. The main condition – the basis has to be ideally equal, and for the rest it is possible not to worry, filling of a coupler does not need to be made, to wait for it hardening also.

In comparison with a heating cable such system consumes much less electric power, the truth it is impossible to use it in damp rooms. Infrared heat-insulated floor is the most successful decision when laying laminate. But anyway upon its purchase it is necessary to study attentively the supporting documentation to learn whether it is possible to combine it with the "heat-insulated floors" system and what.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team