What heating is better for the private house?

What heating is better for the private house?

Upon purchase or construction of the frequent house it is necessary to take care of the organization of a heating system. It is important to pick up option with an ideal ratio of the price and quality. All this causes relevance of a subject – what heating better for the private house. Today a wide choice of heating systems which have the distinctive characteristics is presented at the market.

What heating system is better for the private house?

Oven heating. The most ancient option of heating which still is popular. It is connected first of all with the high speed of heating of the room and availability of firewood which can be prepared independently. Minus can be considered complexity in search of the good stove-setter and uneven warming up of rooms. Still oven heating rather fire-dangerous.

Water heating. Many consider this option the best heating system for the private house. In a special copper water which circulates then on the closed contour heats up. It is possible to use a double-circuit copper which also warms up water for domestic needs. There are coppers with different types of heat carriers and the most popular is the option using gas. It is possible to get coppers of the mixed type.

Gas and electric convector. These options are not popular, but at the same time they allow to maintain heat in the house.

Thermal pump. Expensive option, considering installation and the equipment, but at the same time at the big power the pump consumes not a lot of fuel. It is also difficult to find the expert who will be able to create a heating system.

Finding out that it is better for heating of the private house, it is worth specifying also important requirements which should be considered when choosing a system:

  1. The system has to have good efficiency, but at the same time costs of service have to be small.
  2. Try to choose a heating system which demands the minimum intervention at operation and has automatic configuration.
  3. High reliability of a system allows to spend less money for its service and repair.
  4. Still important criterion – simplicity of installation. Consider it as there are systems demanding use of specific tools



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