What IQ the person has to have?

IQ tests do not lose the relevance therefore continue to be used quite widely in various circles. Quite often such tests carry out at schools and higher educational institutions, for identification of intelligence quotient of pupils. IQ test can be quite carried out also during the interview at employment, especially if it concerns any leading firm or the organization which needs people with sharp mind and ability quickly to make the right decisions. And to be ready to it, it is necessary to understand what IQ the person has to have.

What standard of IQ at the person?

The first that needs to be understood, so is that during check not only results of passing of the test, but also age of the examinee as at different age norm can consider different indicators have to be considered by the test. That result which will be quite normal for the child of ten years in twenty years will already become quite essential aberration not in the best side. Therefore indicators of average IQ of the person are very relative and depend on an age factor.

If to speak approximately, then it is possible to remove very generalized values of what has to be IQ level at the person. In general the scale of results begins from 70 and 180 comes to an end. If indicators less than 70, then it is considered intellectual backwardness. From 70 to 90 about 25% of the population have results and these are graduates of schools without high school, workers with low qualification. The result from 90 to 110 is considered an average, about a half of the population possesses it - it is pupils of high school, employees of offices and so on. Indicators higher than 110 are already people gifted, clever, capable to quickly make extraordinary decisions. Usually indicators within 150 meet, and is already after all quite unusual occurrence above.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team