What is a geographical envelope

What is a geographical envelope

The geographical envelope is a complex cover of the globe where adjoin and the top part of a lithosphere, the hydrosphere, the lower part of the atmosphere and the biosphere interact.

The lithosphere is the outer firm stone sheath including all earth crust with a part of the top Earth's mantle and consists of sedimentary, izverzhenny and metamorphic rocks (except earth crust and a cloak, the kernel also is a part of Earth). The atmosphere is an outer gas sheath of Earth which begins at its surface and is connected with it gravity. The atmosphere represents mix of gases and the weighed particles (air). It includes the following layers: troposphere and tropopauza, stratosphere and stratopauza, mesosphere, thermosphere and thermopause, exosphere.

The hydrosphere is a water cover of Earth. Includes waters of the World Ocean and water of sushi (seas, oceans, the rivers, lakes, reservoirs, passages, gulfs, etc.) and is between the atmosphere and a lithosphere.

The biosphere is a live cover of Earth. Borders of the biosphere is the field of distribution of living organisms. Unlike other covers, geographical has complex structure and the structure, the greatest stocks of free energy. Also differs in existence of life. Existence and development of a geographical envelope submits to the following regularities: integrity, rhythms, zonalities. The integrity is the interaction of components caused by continuous circulation and a metabolism and energy. Change of one of components leads to change of others. Rhythm – constant repetition of any phenomena eventually. For example, annual rhythms which are provided by Earth, rotating around the Sun. It is also possible to refer the climate change phenomenon to rhythm. Zonality – the change of natural components from the equator to poles caused by distribution of solar heat and moisture. A geographical envelope – a complete and continuous cover of Earth in which there is a difficult interaction and continuous exchange.

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