What is a kandibober

What is a kandibober

The Internet roller removed by the Moscow journalists during the ordinary poll of citizens on the street flew about open spaces of a world wide web and broke the popularity records. And the thing is that a certain lady very emotionally told about herself and somebody "kandibober" who is wound at her on the head.

Word with a smile

The amusing word "kandibober" in itself can raise an involuntary smile. In life they often can designate the person of near mind. Kandibober also name the certain features of behavior connected with manifestation of so-called "grandstanding".

This mot which is artificially created in the people, as a rule, brightly and very fully expresses the scornful or derisive relation of the story-teller to an object. If the person tries to express all absurdity of appearance, gait or behavior in general, he speaks "goes a kandibober", emphasizing allocation of an object from crowd with singularity of its manners or appearance. In the official value given by explanatory dictionaries, "kandibober" designates dashing, impudent behavior. It is considered that roots of this word got lost in depths of the Don or Kuban adverb, however this fact remains unproven.

Besides, the word a kandibober is applicable to any ridiculous and ambiguous styles of clothes or the headdresses having non-standard elaborate lines, for example, happen boots or a hat with a kandibober.

Kandibober it is possible to name any fabulous manifestation or a disgrace.


Recently this word became widespread regarding designation of an elaborate headdress, the bright twirled beret which became a symbol of the person with apparent defect of mind. As a rule, this term can be applied to ladies, but it does not exclude also male orientation at all.

In addition, a word a kandibober it is possible to express today the relation to life which in this value designates constantly arising difficulties, obstacles, in other words "troubles".

In recent time community managed "to break off" the Internet the participant of one telecast, a certain woman with the bright red very elaborate headdress on the head having quite non-standard, amusing form. On quite specific question of the telecorrespondent on its relation to the strange names used today she vdatsya unexpectedly in very strange reasonings on wars and global world problems and cataclysms with the direct participation and without it. Perhaps, this amusing case "kandibober", become a symbol of the hat covering the head in which the strange ideas which are an obvious remnant of a mad era, a few mad people and events are born brought absolutely fresh notes in an old word meaning.

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