What is a multiplier

What is a multiplier

The subject "work and multiplier" is studied in the second class of comprehensive school, but how often it happens, to the tenth these concepts are forgotten or intertwine with a great number of others. Besides, the term "multiplier" is used also in other sciences, and therefore the educated person has to know what is meant this concept.

In mathematics understand any number into which set is divided without the rest as a multiplier. That is this that number which shows how many times to repeat as composed other number which is called a multiplicand. The result of such mathematical calculations is called the work. If multipliers in an example a little, then they are numbered and called, respectively, "the first multiplier", "second", etc. The concept "multiplier" exists also in physics where it is applied as a component of difficult formulas. So, Lande a multiplier is a component in a formula for splitting of levels of energy in magnetic field.

The higher mathematics uses the concept "integrating multiplier", i.e. it is size, after multiplication by which part of the differential equation addresses in full differential of some function.

In the economic theory there is a concept of the discounting multiplier entered by British (discounting multiplier) as a settlement indicator at assessment of long-term monetary operations. In particular, size invested today decides on its help both insurance companies, and auditors in estimates of prospects of projects, the analysis of expenses and investment risks use. From mathematics "multiplier" is borrowed also by experts in the field of linear programming who use Lagrange multipliers multipliers for check of optimality of the admissible solution of criterion function. It is designated by the Greek letter "lambda" and applied at the solution of generally theorized tasks on a conditional extremum.

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