What is amino acids

What is amino acids

The human body daily needs consumption of the amino acids influencing formation of one of key construction materials of a body – a squirrel. For respect for their balance the doctors recommend to add to an everyday diet such points as meat, fish and dairy products.

Understand certain chemical structures on the basis of which proteinaceous formations are created as amino acids. Proteins are very important for ensuring normal activity of an organism, they help to form all his internals. Besides, they in a large number contain in bones and liquids. The shortage of amino acids (and owing to and proteins) leads to appearance of hypostases and instability of balance of water in a human body.

Besides active formation of substances, important for an organism, amino acids transfer various impulses between nervous cages, providing thereby adequate activity of a brain. They carry out function of control over the vitamins and minerals coming to an organism, and in certain cases amino acids are a power source for certain types of fabrics.

A peculiar factory on production of amino acids is the liver. It processes the products coming to an organism, emitting from them necessary substances. It is necessary to remember that surplus of proteinaceous weight has negative effect on internals, in particular on a liver which processes the products caused by metabolism of amino acids (most often ammonia) as its abilities are rather limited. Some amino acids cannot be synthesized in a human body, they can be received only from the outside. Among them there are an isoleucine, methionine, tryptophane, a lysine and others. They can be found in chicken meat, almonds, eggs and other food. Moreover, amino acids can be received at the use of so-called dietary supplements. It is recommended to use such way of receiving necessary substances in the presence of diseases of immunity or in case you keep to any reducing diet. Are simply necessary for supporters of the vegetarian theory of food of additive in food, otherwise the organism will not receive necessary amount of amino acids and will not be able to carry out synthesizing of proteinaceous formations. Physicians recommend to be guided when choosing dietary supplements by products which contain class L amino acids as they take more active position in relation to metabolism in an organism.

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